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JASS and JASS2 (sometimes said to stand for Just Another Scripting Syntax) is a scripting language provided with an event-driven API created by Blizzard Entertainment. It is used extensively by their games StarCraft (JASS) and Warcraft III (JASS2) for scripting events in the game world. Map creators can use it in the Warcraft III World Editor and the StarCraft Editor to create scripts for triggers and AI in custom maps and campaigns.

JASS was replaced with Galaxy script in StarCraft II.


The language provides an extensive API that gives programmers control over nearly every aspect of the game world. It can, for example, give orders to units, change the weather and time of day, play sounds and display text to the player, and manipulate the terrain. It has a syntax similar to Delphi, although, unlike that language, it is case sensitive. JASS primarily uses procedural programming concepts, though popular user-made modifications to Blizzard's World Editor program have since added C++-like object-oriented programming features to the syntax of JASS.

Sample code[]

The following function creates a string containing the message "Hello, world!" and displays it to all players:

function Trig_JASS_test_Actions takes nothing returns nothing
 local string a ="Hello, world!"
 call DisplayTextToForce( GetPlayersAll(), a )

or if you want this only for one player:

function Trig_JASS_test_Actions takes player p returns nothing
 call DisplayTextToPlayer(p, 0,0, "Hello, world!")

And if you want to print the message 90 times and show the iterator:

function Trig_JASS_test_Actions takes player p returns nothing
 local integer i=0
   exitwhen i==90
  call DisplayTextToPlayer(p, 0,0, "Hello, world! "+I2S(i))
   set i=i+1

External links[]


  • An Introduction To JASS--A beginner's guide to the language, covering its basic features and capabilities.
  • JASS Manual--An advanced guide to the language, intended to serve as a reference for users who are already proficient with it. Includes a comprehensive API browser.
  • Tutorials--A collection of tutorials about the language.
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