• Jade Witch Brew
  • Use: Restores 150000 mana over 20 sec. Must remain seated while drinking. Known to cause massive headaches.
  • Requires Level 87
  • Sell Price: 13s 50c

Jade Witch Brew is created with [Way of the Brew] (550); taught by Bobo Ironpaw in Valley of the Four Winds.

Materials required:
Inv misc food vendor witchberries.png 5x [Witchberries] Inv misc food vendor jadesquash.png 5x [Jade Squash]

As a quest objective

As an ingredient



  • Although not stated in its tooltip, Jade Witch Brew is a typical strength alcoholic beverage.

Pounding Headache

  • Consuming Jade Witch Brew for 5 seconds applies the [Pounding Headache] debuff.
  • Pounding Headache deals 5,000 damage every 10 seconds. It has a 10 second duration.
  • This debuff stacks up to 10 times.
  • Adding a new stack of the debuff adds 10 seconds to the current duration of the effect, but does not reset the 10-second damage timer. Pounding Headache will therefore always deal damage every 10 seconds. Damage is proportionate to the number of stacks at the time that damage is dealt.
  • Due to its 10 second duration, in order to acquire multiple stacks of Pounding Headache, players must consume at least one Jade Witch Brew every 10 seconds (wasting at least half of the Brew's mana regeneration potential). Multiple stacks of Pounding Headache will therefore never result as a consequence of normal, sensible consumption of Jade Witch Brew.
  • Due to the alcoholic effect of Jade Witch Brew, it is generally impossible to acquire 10 stacks of Pounding Headache without getting smashed.

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