NeutralJaluu the Generous
Image of Jaluu the Generous
Title <The Golden Lotus Quartermaster>
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 30-35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Golden Lotus
Location Shrine of Seven Stars[84.2, 62.8]
Shrine of Two Moons[63.2, 22.1]
Status Alive

Jaluu the Generous is the quartermaster for the Golden Lotus faction, selling gear associated with that faction.


Jaluu is one of the objectives for the quest B [30-35] The Golden Lotus, which is the first quest the player is offered upon venturing into the freshly unlocked Vale of Eternal Blossoms at level 87. He is one of the NPCs the player needs to talk to.

In the central ring of the Mogu'shan Palace entrance, surrounded by water, he looks unreachable on foot, but this is actually not the case. The central walkway among the waters is accessible through two archways at the sides of the palace, with a Meeting Stone next to it. (The Meeting Stones do not mark the entrance to the instance, which is located at the center of the palace facade further up the stairs.)

When Jaluu is first talked to on the quest, two Shao-Tien Assassins spawn and attack him and the player.

Siege of Orgrimmar

Jaluu the Generous survived the devastation of the Mogu'shan Palace facade, which drained the waters and wrecked the central ring where he used to stand. Now he is present at both faction shrines — the Shrine of Seven Stars and Shrine of Two Moons — so there are actually two of him in the Vale as of patch 5.4.0.


Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.

Jaluu the Generous
<The Golden Lotus Quartermaster>
Reputation Item Cost Slot Type Focus
Neutral  [Amulet of Swirling Mists] 138g 86s Neck Agility/haste
 [Necklace of Jade Pearls] 148g 38s Neck Intellect/hit
 [Pendant of Endless Inquisition] 138g 32s Neck Intellect/spirit
 [Triumphant Conqueror's Chain] 139g 39s Neck Strength/hit
 [Gorget of Usurped Kings] 139g 37s Neck Strength/dodge
 [Bracers of Eternal Resolve] 162g 12s Wrist Cloth Intellect/spirit
 [Tranquility Bindings] 162g 12s Wrist Cloth Intellect/crit
 [Bracers of Inner Light] 168g 32s Wrist Plate Intellect/haste
 [Serrated Forearm Guards] 168g 32s Wrist Plate Strength/expertise
 [Surehand Grips] 171g 47s Hands Leather Agility/crit
 [Wandering Friar's Gloves] 171g 47s Hands Leather Intellect/spirit
 [Leggings of Twisted Vines] 348g 52s Legs Mail Agility/hit
 [Snowpack Waders] 348g 52s Legs Mail Intellect/crit
 [Mogu Rune of Paralysis] 278g 67s Trinket Mastery
 [Anji's Keepsake] 304g 22s Finger Agility/haste
 [Alani's Inflexible Ring] 305g 34s Finger Strength/dodge
 [Simple Harmonius Ring] 306g 42s Finger Intellect/hit
 [Leven's Circle of Hope] 307g 53s Finger Spirit/crit
 [Ring of the Golden Stair] 303g 11s Finger Strength/crit
 [Mantle of the Golden Sun] 341g 7s Shoulder Cloth Intellect/hit
 [Tenderheart Shoulders] 375g 68s Shoulder Cloth Spirit/mastery
 [Whitepetal Shouldergarb] 343g 73s Shoulder Leather Intellect/crit
 [Imperion Spaulders] 342g 40s Shoulder Leather Agility/hit
 [Windwalker Spaulders] 346g 34s Shoulder Mail Agility/hit
 [Mindbender Shoulders] 345g 2s Shoulder Mail Intellect/haste
 [Paleblade Shoulderguards] 350g 29s Shoulder Plate Intellect/crit
 [Shoulders of Autumnlight] 349g Shoulder Plate Strength/dodge
 [Stonetoe Spaulders] 347g 67s Shoulder Plate Strength/hit
 [Robe of the Five Sisters] 457g 45s Chest Cloth Intellect/spirit
 [Vestments of Thundering Skies] 455g 73s Chest Cloth Intellect/hit
 [Mistfall Robes] 501g 91s Chest Leather Intellect/crit
 [Softfoot Silentwrap] 500g 14s Chest Leather Agility/hit
 [Breastplate of the Golden Pagoda] 498g 36s Chest Mail Agility/haste
 [Robes of the Setting Sun] 496g 64s Chest Mail Intellect/crit
 [Battleguard of Guo-Lai] 473g 36s Chest Plate Intellect/spirit
 [Cuirass of the Twin Monoliths] 496g 86s Chest Plate Strength/dodge
 [Dawnblade's Chestguard] 468g 9s Chest Plate Strength/hit
Honored  [Pattern: Angerhide Leg Armor] 25g Leatherworking (575)
 [Pattern: Ironscale Leg Armor] 25g Leatherworking (575)
 [Pattern: Shadowleather Leg Armor] 25g Leatherworking (575)
 [Pattern: Greyshadow Chestguard] 50g Leatherworking (600)
 [Pattern: Greyshadow Gloves] 50g Leatherworking (600)
 [Pattern: Wildblood Vest] 50g Leatherworking (600)
 [Pattern: Wildblood Gloves] 50g Leatherworking (600)
 [Pattern: Lifekeeper's Robe] 50g Leatherworking (600)
 [Pattern: Lifekeeper's Gloves] 50g Leatherworking (600)
 [Pattern: Chestguard of Earthen Harmony] 50g Leatherworking (600)
 [Pattern: Gloves of Earthen Harmony] 50g Leatherworking (600)
 [Pattern: Spelltwister's Grand Robe] 50g Tailoring (600)
 [Pattern: Spelltwister's Gloves] 50g Tailoring (600)
 [Pattern: Robes of Creation] 50g Tailoring (600)
 [Pattern: Gloves of Creation] 50g Tailoring (600)
 [Pattern: Greater Pearlescent Spellthread] 50g Tailoring (575)
 [Pattern: Greater Cerulean Spellthread] 50g Tailoring (575)
Revered  [Grand Commendation of the Golden Lotus] 50g Rep token
Exalted  [Reins of the Azure Riding Crane] 500g Riding (300)
 [Reins of the Golden Riding Crane] 2500g Riding (300)
 [Reins of the Regal Riding Crane] 1500g Riding (300)
 [Golden Lotus Tabard] 10g Tabard


  • Welcome to the Vale, friend. Stay and be at peace.
  • Only to the most trusted allies do we reveal the Golden Lotus's deepest secrets.
  • Oh my, a visitor. Your presence makes me very happy.
  • Always strive to achieve the impossible.
  • May you seek honor and courage in all your days, <race>.
Mount Journal
  • "The crane is a symbol of wisdom and nobility. Their ability to carry us into the skies is nothing short of miraculous."[1]


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