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Main leader IconSmall Adventurer.gif Adventurer
  Formerly  Jarl Throndyr †
Race(s) VrykulVrykul Vrykul
Capital Jandvik
Affiliation Independent
Status Active

The Jandvik Vrykul[1] are a group of vrykul at Jandvik in Suramar, Broken Isles. Led formerly by Jarl Throndyr, with the current Jarl of Jandvik being the adventurer.


The Jarl had disappeared for some time, raising suspicion and competition within the village. Brandolf and several loyalist vrykul left the village to find their Jarl, and lend him help if need be. During the absence of the Jarl, two vrykul had attempted to take the title, though were thwarted when slain by the Adventurer per request of Tidemistress Sashj'tar disguised as Toryl.[2] When the deed was done, the vrykul-disguised naga sent the Adventurer to find the Jarl, whom just outside the village had been attacked by the naga invaders, and muttered how poison ran through his veins.[3]

After finding the Jarl, he sent the Adventurer to gather materials for a funeral pyre to honour him the vrykul-way, by setting his body aflame. Brandolf, whom were safeguarding the fallen Jarl, later awaited the return of the Adventurer at the location of the funeral pyre.[4]

Having built the pyre and honoured the fallen Jarl's wishes of being set aflame, Brandolf now wished to retaliate against the naga, the fall of their Jarl had been the breaking-point. Brandolf would now assist the player in the making of a tonic allowing them underwater breathing as well as underwater-walking. Allowing the Adventurer to assault the naga where they least expect it.[5] With the ability to breathe underwater, the Adventurer ended the lives of the naga's commanders, where they then returned to Jandvik.

The Tidemistress still disguised as Toryl awaited the Adventurer back in Jandvik, where she sent them to meet up with her within an underwater cave.[6] Although, upon entering the cave, the Adventurer was met with the sight of Toryl locked in a cage, and the Tidemistress guarding her, along with what appears like the corpse of a male vrykul. Toryl called out the Tidemistress' ploy, and in return, the Adventurer killed the naga. Toryl returned to Jandvik after asking the player to release her vrykul bretheren from captivity.[7] The Adventurer then approached Kell, the previously-assumed dead vrykul laying on the ground. His last wish before death was for the Adventurer to venture into the Azuregale Bay and locate Brytag[8], who then sent the Adventurer to gather barrels of gunpowder used to bombard the naga from the back of a sea turtle. As well as to put and end to the sea giant Seawarden Largush.[9]

On the bequest of Kell, the Adventurer, before returning to Jandvik, killed several naga brutes and sea giants. When done, they returned to Brandolf and Toryl to relay the news of the naga and sea giant alliance.[10]

Toryl decided it was time to put an end to the naga threat, and doing so would be through the death of the Tidemistress whom had previous impersonated her. By destroying naga ballista within Azuregale Bay, salvaging the metal and constructing a makeshift ballista on the Sashj'tar island, used to fire a powerful ballistae bolt at the Tidemistress and her guards, killing said guards and weakening Sashj'tar herself, allowing the Adventurer to end her life once and for all.[11]

After the death of the Tidemistress, the Adventurer returns to Jandvik, where he/she is crowned the Jarl of Jandvik as a thank for saving the village and the lives of all the remaining vrykul, none of whom opposed the decision of Toryl.



Name Role Status Location
Adventurer Jarl of Jandvik Alive Several locations
 Jarl Throndyr Former Jarl Deceased Azuregale Bay
 Calder Jarl Claimer Killable Jandvik
 Eynar Jarl Claimer Killable Jandvik
 Toryl Jarl Claimer Alive Jandvik
 Brandolf Jarl Claimer and Throndyr loyalist Alive Jandvik
 Katarine Throndyr loyalist Alive Jandvik
 Fjolrik Throndyr loyalist Alive Jandvik
 Stokalfr Throndyr loyalist Alive Jandvik
 Kell Alive Jandvik
 Brytag Alive Jandvik
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  • Jandvik Cannon
  • Jandvik Longboat
Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.



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