Image of Jani
Title <Loa of Scavengers>
Gender Male
Race Loa (Uncategorized)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Children of Jani

Jani is a saurid loa known as the Patron of Scavengers, the Lord of Thieves, the God of Garbage, Master of Minions, the Keeper of Secrets,[1] Ruler of Rubbish, Master of all things Discarded an' Unwanted,[2] and the loa of discarded things. Jani looks out for the people that others might be throwing away or ignoring, such as the orphans and the poor.[3] He can be found by interacting with the Mysterious Trashpiles all over Zandalar.

Jani appears to be very protective of his children, as well as being quite the trickster, polymorphing those that hurt his children to humble them while laughing at their expense. Though Jani is the god of secrets, Yazma is the mistress of spies. She sends her spiders, the Eyes of Yazma to hunt Jani's children.[4]


Jani's projection in Dazar'alor.

While completing a menial task of killing some thieving saurid harassing a merchant, Jani appears as "The Big One" and attacks an adventurer. When they go to investigate a pile that it disappeared into, they are captured in the Big One's jaws, who reveals himself to be Jani. Jani is furious that the adventurer would kill his children so casually.[5] To teach them a lesson, he changes them into a saurid and forces them to go bite the one who originally sent them, Nokano. After being humbled, Jani lets the adventurer go.[6]

During the Children's Week, Azala stole shinies for Jani.[7]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Zuldazar 110 - 120 74,809,999 - 293,142,044
Nazmir 110 - 120 169,115,003
Vol'dun 110 - 120 107,390,002 - 151,885,002
Aspect of Jani 120 298,974,110


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  • Greetin's, richmon. And what ya be bringin' ta da Shrine of Scavengers today?
  • Greetin's, richmon. What brings ya to de Shrine of Scavengers?
  • Greetin's, richmon. Have ya brought somehin' round and shiny to da Shrine of Scavengers?
Gossip Release me.
Zandalari recruitment questline

Hello, richmon.

Jani will watch this new queen very closely. De likes of her do not worship de likes of me, but where gold glitters, refuse lurks not far behind it.

Those that Talanji leaves behind will find me, in good time.

Until then, richmon.

Gossip Release me.


  • A trash pile just be a place to keep your stuff. Why, you pick one up, to get more stuff!
  • Like I always say, "one mon's trash, be another mon's loa!"
  • Greetings, rich-mon!
  • Me children got better manners than you!
  • Keep that up, you're gonna see why they call me a grouch!
  • 'Less you wan' be making an offering of that finger, you better not be poking me!
  • Remember: you find something shiny, you bring it down to old Jani.
  • May you always be finding friends in low places, haha!
  • When you go, may I be having your stuff?

Tales of the Loa

Jani, Jani, loa of trash,
Tell me where to find your cache!
Richmon, poormon, he don't mind.
What's inside? He knows ya kind.

De one ya chose to throw away,
Will have great worth some other day.
He tells a joke, he plays a trick,
Inside ya head, what makes ya tick?

Ya think ya great, ya know it all.
Be none ta catch ya when ya fall.
My caste be low, ya cannot see.
Jani, Jani, o loa for me![8]


His Zandalari troll followers are called Atal'Jani, based in a restaurant and inn of the same name.



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The ruins within Gorilla Gorge may once have been Jani's temple, as that is where the tale of Jani can be found.

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