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For the NPC, see Jeremy Feasel (NPC).
Jeremy Feasel

Jeremy Feasel

"Development is a complex and peculiar beast, with many heads, and some breathe fire."[1]

Jeremy Feasel is a Lead Game Designer for World of Warcraft and Principal Game Designer at Blizzard Entertainment.[2] Previously, he had been a Senior Game Designer for WoW.[3] He has worked on Garrisons, Pet Battles, the Timeless Isle, Encounters, and Island expeditions.


Jeremy Feasel

Jeremy Feasel

As a senior game designer on the World of Warcraft team at Blizzard Entertainment, Jeremy Feasel has a hand in shaping a wide variety of game content, from the back story of dungeon and raid bosses to the behavior of overworld enemies to game systems such as Pet Battles.
Feasel began his career at Blizzard in 2010 as an encounter designer on the World of Warcraft team. Prior to his arrival, he did a stint in quality assurance and served as a designer (and part-time shoutcaster) for games in the Command & Conquer series.
In his free time, Feasel enjoys exploring worlds outside of Azeroth, whether he’s running trails in the California wilderness or searching every icy square inch of Skyrim. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in molecular biology from Pomona College.[3]


  • The first Warcraft game Feasel played was Warcraft II, and the first time he designed content for any game was when he made custom singleplayer Warcraft II maps. He also spent "hundreds of hours" playing Warcraft III.[4]
  • Feasel was responsible for the falcosaur questline in 7.1, which started as a passion project by a Blizzard artist who wanted to add raptor-falcon creatures to the game and started by making the pet version. The rest of the team said "That's the cutest thing. We need to make a whole story about these things."[5]
  • He was also largely responsible for the addition of gnome hunters in World of Warcraft: Legion.[6]
  • The marsuul model is named Feasel in the game files, with Feasel the Muffin Thief being a direct reference to him.


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