HordeJibidiah "No Fingers" Gragglefutz
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Gender Male
Race Goblin
Affiliation(s) Bilgewater Cartel

Jibidiah "No Fingers" Gragglefutz is the inventor of the goblin trike. Gragglefutz had been a street-side grenade salesman for decades, and years of product-related mishaps had borne fruit in this speedy, durable, and mostly unexplodable vehicle. Jibidiah gained some renown for his creation, and he now claims that Gallywix has him hard at work on a speedier "turbo" version of the trike. Jibidiah's one complaint is that the substantial cash reward for designing the trike has been stuck in a particularly insidious mess of red tape and mail delivery issues. The trade prince apologizes for this and promises to put his top goblins on it immediately.[1]