For information on the old boss encounter, see Jin'do the Hexxer.
BossJin'do the Godbreaker
Image of Jin'do the Godbreaker
Gender Male
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Level 37 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Zul'Gurub
Status Killable Cataclysm

High Priest Venoxis
Bloodlord Mandokir
High Priestess Kilnara
Jin'do the Godbreaker


Cache of Madness

Gri'lek (summoned)
Hazza'rah (summoned)
Renataki (summoned)
Wushoolay (summoned)



Jin'do the Godbreaker is the final boss of the reopened heroic version of Zul'Gurub.


For character biography, see Jin'do.

Adventure Guide

After his defeat in Zul'Gurub, Jin'do's spirit was tormented by his failure to serve Hakkar's wishes. Jin'do recently found a way back into the world and enslaved the Soulflayer. Bristling with the dread god's terrible powers, Jin'do's plans to restore the Gurubashi empire to its former glory.


Stage One: Welcome to the Great Show!

Jin'do fights players alone, dropping Deadzones on the ground to protect himself and calling upon the Spirit of Hakkar to empower his weapon with shadow lightning.

  • Spell shadow antimagicshell.png  Deadzone — Creates a field of deadened magic. Units in this field take 90% less magic damage, but have their casting speed reduced by 90%.
  • Spell lightning lightningbolt01.png  Shadows of Hakkar — Jin'do charges his weapon, causing his attacks to unleash bursts of shadow energy that chain to additional targets, inflicting Shadow damage. 3 sec cast.
    • Spell lightning lightningbolt01.png  Shadows of Hakkar — Strikes an enemy with Shadow energy that jumps to another nearby enemy, inflicting 121875 to 128125 Shadow damage. The spell affects up to 10 targets.

Stage Two: Spitting in the Face of a God

Jin'do "Breaking" Hakkar

Jin'do drags his enemies with him into the spirit world. He draws tremendous power from Hakkar's spirit, which is held captive by three large chains.

  • Inv elemental mote shadow01.png  Shadow Spike — Jin'do hurls a bolt of shadow at a random player's location. The spike explodes when it hits the ground, inflicting 63000 to 77000 Shadow damage to enemies within 4 yards.
  • Gurubashi Spirit — Gurubashi Spirits appear in the spirit world wherever players defeat Gurubashi Spirit Warriors in the living world.
    • Spell shadow demonicfortitude.png  Frenzy — Gurubashi Spirits periodically gain 20% attack speed. This effect stacks.
    • Ability heroicleap.png  Body Slam — The Gurubashi Spirit jumps to a random target's location, inflicting 14137 to 15862 damage to all units and other objects within 5 yards of that location and knocking them back. This attack leaves a Sundered Rift on the ground, increasing the damage taken by units and objects in the 5 yard radius area by 100% for 20 seconds.
      • Spell shadow focusedpower.png  Sunder Rift — The Gurubashi Spirit's Body Slam attack leaves a Sunder Rift on the ground, increasing the damage taken by units and objects in the area by 100% for 20 seconds.
  • Twisted Spirit — Twisted Spirits swarm out of portals around the temple and attack players in increasing numbers. Twisted Spirits inflict Shadow damage when they attack. These creatures have very low health.
  • Hakkar's Chains — Jin'do will not feel the fury of Hakkar's vengeance until all three of Hakkar's Chains are destroyed.
    • Spell arcane arcaneresilience.png  Brittle Barrier — A barrier of arcane energy protects Hakkar's Chains and grants them immunity to all attacks and spells. Nothing short of an enormous Gurubashi troll spirit performing a Body Slam can break the barrier.



Before the fight begins, make sure to kill the two Gurubashi Spirit Warriors on either side of Jindo's stairs in order to release their spirits. It will be too late to kill them during the boss fight.

Phase 1

The first phase is relatively straightforward. Jin'do will create Deadzones that reduce both magic damage taken and casting speed by 90%; make sure to drag him out of these. However, when he casts Shadows of Hakkar, everyone will need to stand in the deadzone until the buff wears off in order to survive it. Phase 1 ends when Jin'do reaches 70% health.


  • Try to ensure that Jin'do is outside the bubble as much as possible, including during Shadows of Hakkar.
  • When he creates his next bubble, immediately pull Jin'do out of it so he will take full damage.
  • Jin'do displays a buff icon that shows his channeling progress for Shadows of Hakkar.

Phase 2

At 70%, Jin'do will pull the entire party into the spirit world, where he is draining the essence of Hakkar the Soulflayer. Jin'do cannot be attacked during this phase. Hakkar is attached to the ground by three chains. The end of each chain can be attacked and destroyed, but they are protected by Brittle Barriers. In order to destroy these barriers, you must pull one of the Gurubashi Spirits that you killed earlier up to the top of the temple. When they target someone with Body Slam, that person must stand on top of one of the barriers, as the Body Slam will shatter it. When the barrier is destroyed, kill the Berserker, destroy the chain, and then pull up another Berserker and repeat for the other two. The Berserkers will respawn in case they are killed before the barriers are broken. The fight ends once all three chains are destroyed.

Besides the damage from the Berserker itself, there are other factors to watch out for in this phase. The first is that the Body Slam leaves a zone called a Sunder Rift that increases all damage taken by hostile units by 100%. This includes Berserkers, Twisted Spirits, and chains, but not players. The tank should, if possible, position the Berserker inside the zone. This will make killing both the Berserker and the chain significantly easier. Twisted Spirits can be kited into the debuff zone so they can also be killed quickly either with splash damage or single target damage.

Jin'do launches Shadow Spikes at random party members that do roughly 70k shadow damage. The impact point for these is clearly telegraphed, so move away from them.

Jin'do will also summon Twisted Spirits throughout this phase. Though they are relatively weak, having only 24K health each, they deal moderately high shadow damage. If they are not killed, they can easily overwhelm the group with sheer numbers. Twisted Spirits spawn at an ever-increasing rate, serving as the soft enrage mechanic for the encounter. As such, you should not get carried away killing spirits, but make bringing down a newly freed chain while it is still affected by the slam de-buff zone a priority for DPS. Ranged DPS should kill any spirits chasing the healer when no chains are available for attack. Spirits are susceptible to snares and roots, so Earthbind Totem, Frost Nova and similar effects are useful for giving the healer a breather while DPS are working on a chain.

A simple procedure to follow is:

  • Pull a Spirit Warrior to the platform.
  • Allow it to slam one party member and break a brittle barrier.
  • Keep the Spirit Warrior within the slam de-buff, and kill it.
  • Kill the chain, before the slam de-buff zone expires if possible.
  • Repeat with the next two chains.

This strategy takes full advantage of the slam de-buff zones and minimizes danger to the tank from the Spirit Warriors' stacking frenzy buff.

Wait until the the current chain has been destroyed before pulling up the next warrior. The DPS have enough to worry about while attacking a chain, avoiding Shadow Spikes, and keeping Twisted Spirits off the healer.

Healer protection

Keeping the healer alive is one of the challenges of this fight. The healer cannot survive long without assistance, so one or more other party members must neutralize the Twisted Spirits.

Tank healer protection

The tank may protect the healer by aggro'ing and tanking most or all of the spirits. In this strategy, the tank remains on the platform at all times and a DPS is assigned to pull up the Spirit Warriors. A hunter using misdirect is ideal for this task.

The tank moves about, performing AOE attacks such as Blood Boil or Thunder Clap. When not using these abilities, the tank attacks spirits individually to aggro them. DPS should take care when attacking the Spirit Warrior before the slam, as the tank may be generating less threat. The healer and tank stay near one another. The tank continues to pick up Twisted Spirits even while tanking the Spirit Warrior.

This strategy has the advantage that, with a sufficiently skilled tank, no DPS are needed to control the spirits. Thus, the chains will be destroyed quickly. However, it requires an experienced tank and greater coordination between the Spirit Warrior-puller and the tank. Also, the tank will be vulnerable if slammed, due to being inside the +100% damage zone while under attack by the Spirit Warrior and Twisted Spirits.

DPS healer protection

At least two DPS may be required to sufficiently control the spirits. Ideally, one plate DPS or feral Druid will stay near the healer to attack Twisted Spirits at close range, while a ranged DPS will assist in killing and slowing/rooting them. These DPS must judge whether the healer is secure enough for them to spend time attacking the Spirit Warrior or a chain. Their goals will be firstly to keep the healer alive, and secondly to destroy the Spirit Warrior and the chain before the slam zone expires.


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Meddlesome insects! Now you will feel my wrath!
Welcome to de great show, friends. Just wait 'til ya see what I got in store for ya.
Killing a Player
  • Ain't NO ONE gonna stop Jin'do!
  • You nothing!
Begin Spirit Phase
Jin'do the Godbreaker yells: Now, have a taste of Jin'do's true powah!
Jin'do cackles as he transports everyone into the spirit realm where Hakkar is imprisoned.
Spirit of Hakkar yells: Your deceit is unforgivable, Jin'do. You spit in the face of a god!
Spirit of Hakkar yells: You overstepped your bounds, Jin'do. You toy with powers that are beyond you. Have you forgotten who I am? Have you forgotten what I can do?
Jin'do the Godbreaker yells: No... NOOOO!
Hakkar destroys Jin'do, leaving behind a battered corpse.
Spirit of Hakkar yells: Be freed, insects. I will deal with you another time.
Hakkar returns the heroes back to the mortal realm.
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