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Gender Male
Race Forest troll
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Amani Empire, Amani tribe
Occupation Ruler of the Amani Empire
Status Deceased

Jintha was the ruler of the Amani Empire during the Troll Wars.


For millennia after being defeated by the high elves, the Amani trolls plotted revenge in Zul'Aman, but suffered from infighting and a lack of a strong leader. In 2,800 BDP, Zandalari emissaries arrived in Zul'Aman to help the Amani revitalize their empire and defeat the elves. To settle matters of leadership, they made Jintha, one of the Amani's most fearless warriors, the ruler of his people. Small Amani warbands began attacking the borders of Quel'Thalas before launching an all-out war against the high elves, beginning the Troll Wars.[1]

The outnumbered elves eventually allied with the humans of Arathor. The Arathi host smashed into the Amani's southern flank on the outskirts of Quel'Thalas, while the high elves launched a counterattack on the trolls' northern front lines. Jintha remained confident in victory and considered the humans to only be a minor nuisance. He turned his warbands south, intending to quickly eradicate the Arathi and then refocus on exterminating the elves. He thereby unknowingly fell into the human king Thoradin's trap. The Arathi army retreated south to Alterac Fortress with the trolls in pursuit, while the high elves marched out of Quel'Thalas to harry the trolls' northern flank. After days of fighting in the Alterac foothills, the humans and elves revealed their secret weapon: the One Hundred magi, who combined their powers with the elves' sorcerers to create a firestorm that consumed the Amani army. Jintha was one of the first to be killed by the flames. Without their leader, the surviving trolls fled and were easily killed by the elves and humans, marking the end of the war.[2]