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Image of Jo'chunga
Title Bloodseeker
Gender Male
Race(s) Zandalari troll, Blood troll (disguise)
Level 25-50
Resource Energy
Reaction Horde
Affiliation(s) Talanji's Expedition
Occupation Scout, Alchemist
Location Zalamar, Nazmir
Status Alive
Jo'chunga as Bloodseeker.
Jo'chunga fighting a Telaamon's Mirror Image.

Jo'chunga is a Zandalari troll disguised as a blood troll located at Zalamar in Nazmir. His specialty is making potions and poisons.[1]



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  • How are we gonna get out of dis one?
  • Ack! I hate blood trolls.
  • Dark times for Zandalar.
  • Watch ya self, now. I need you alive.
  • Be wary of de blood trolls.
  • Try to come back in one piece.


I be growin' up hearin' stories on da savage blood trolls. Dis be worse dan anything I ever been told.

After the completion of H [110 - 120] Isolating Zalamar and H [110 - 120] How to Be a Blood Troll:

Dis gonna be a whole lot more violent without ya disguise.

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