AllianceJoan Cleardawn
Image of Joan Cleardawn
Title Captain, Lieutenant, Inquisitor, Marshal, <Waycrest Guard>
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 25-50
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Waycrest Guard, Order of Embers
Occupation Inquisitor, Marshal
Location Drustvar
Status Alive

Marshal Cleardawn in Unity Square.

Joan Cleardawn is a member of the Waycrest Guard and the Order of Embers.


As captain of the Waycrest Guard, she was stationed in Arom's Stand where the refugees from Corlain came for shelter after the city was taken over by the Heartsbane Coven. At Marshal Everit Reade's recommendation, Lucille Waycrest appointed her Inquisitor of the reborn Order of Embers alongside four other guardsmen.[1]

Inquisitor Cleardawn's first assignment in her new role was to secure the town of Falconhurst and the services of Master Alchemist Ashton, as there had been no contact with the town for days.[2] Together with the leader of the Inquisitors, Cleardawn investigated the ancient ruins of Gol Osigr on the way to Falconhurst, and learned that Gorak Tul was not dead like previously believed.[3] The two made their way to Falconhurst, which they found under siege by the witches.[4] They helped repel the wicker forces attacking the town, and killed their leader, Sister Noella Briarwood.[5] Later, after saving Master Ashton, Inquisitor Cleardawn and the adventurer went into the depths of the Crimson Forest to stop a Grand Rite the witches were performing to bring their dark master, Gorak Tul, back into the land of the living.[6] Though they were too late to stop Gorak Tul from returning, they were able to wound him enough to make him retreat,[7] and the adventurer used a Crimsonwood Demolisher to destroy the witches' forces in the Crimson Forest. Cleardawn then signaled for gryphons that brought her and the adventurer back to Arom's Stand, and Master Ashton with them.[8]

For her exemplary performance, Joan Cleardawn was named the new Marshal of the Waycrest Guard by Lucille Waycrest, replacing the deceased Everit Reade.[9]


  • Stealth

Objective of



  • Well met, champion.
  • How might I help?
  • Stand strong.
  • New information?
  • We shall drive back the darkness.
  • Stay on target.
  • Do you mind? Some of us have missions to complete!
  • Farewell.
  • Fair winds and following seas.
  • Strike true.
  • Be wary of the woods.
  • Remain steadfast.


Arom's Stand

What can I do for you, <class>?

As Inquisitor

Let's get to work.


  • Her generic name is Inquisitor.
  • If using a flying mount during her quests with you in Gol Osigr, she will fly on her (probably non-magical) horse beside you.

Patch changes


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