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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Jode was a brilliant Ironforge dwarf tinker with big plans for the future. He wanted to explore the mountains with his henchman, Chava, looking for arcanite deposits. He needed a flying machine to leapfrog ahead of his claim-jumping competion.

The young dwarf wanted to head to the mountains in a few weeks. Not feeling the need to rush things, Jode decided that he didn't need the fastest flying machine possible (he knew he could always upgrade the copter later). He figured that sixty miles an hour was fast enough. Jode came up with a design, in which the flying machine had the primary task to "fly around in comfort and style."

According to his plans, it would be able to travel up to sixty miles an hour, and could carry up to six hundred pounds including its pilot. Jode also wanted a mounted cannon, but that was a secondary task. He wanted it so he could "shoot vicious predators and claim-jumpers". After he considered the time involved in turning on magnetos and spinning up the rotor he learned it would take minutes. Because Jode didnt' want his poor henchman Chava to wait too long, he decided that starting it up in one minute would be quite long enough. Unfortunately that would have cost alot, and taken a year to complete, when all he wanted to do was get into the air.

Jode decided he could live with a 'copter that was slower at 40 MPH, and took 4 minutes longer to start. With the changes to his blueprints he could build the ship in half the time for alot less.

He finally built his flying machine. A fragile vehicle that required plenty of coaxing to start. but it was all Jode needed to zip himself, his henchman Chava, and his equipment around the mountains.[1]