NeutralJogu the Drunk
Image of Jogu the Drunk
Race Jinyu (Humanoid)
Level 30-35
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) The Tillers
Location Halfhill Market, Valley of the Four Winds
Status Alive

Jogu the Drunk is a jinyu and a member of The Tillers. Unlike the other members, Jogu's home is not a farm, but at the edge of the market's watering hole. Despite this and his near-constant inebriation, he is a valuable members of the Tillers due to his ability to predict what crops will grow best on any given day.

Faction description

Jogu's easy to find - gazing into the bottom of a bottle of the cheapest Stormstout Brewery has to offer.

Mists of Pandaria

Jogu likes Lovely Apples and  [Sauteed Carrots]. For a small fee, Jogu can tell you what crop will be growing the most abundantly the next day, so that you can plant seed in anticipation of that. The better friends you are with Jogu, the cheaper his prediction price will be.

Prices start at 25g when you don't know him very well, dropping to 10g, then 1g, then 10s before becoming free when you are best friends.

According to Watertaster Kurashel, Jogu originates from a far northern jinyu tribe. After his family died, he became an alcoholic, drowning his sorrows in apathy and wine. Other than those specific details, Jogu won't speak much about his past, even to other jinyu.

Gina Mudclaw explains that he eventually wandered into Halfhill one day, settling down by the watering hole at the market and hasn't left since. Rather than being considered a burden, the local farmers came to love him for his accurate crop predictions. Seeing as the player must initially pay for Jogu for this service, it is likely what the locals do, and how Jogu is able to afford his booze.

Jogu can be found on the Timeless Isle overlooking the Celestial Court. During the Celestial Tournament he is seen sleeping under a pillar.


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Daily quests:

Best Friends

Jogu sends you a letter with his  [Secret Stash] on becoming best friends.

A Letter From Jogu

Well <name>,

Now that we are best frenz, I am gonna share with you my mosht precioushest possessionon.. my shecret shtash.

This is a collekshun of the finest aged drinksh I've ever tashted!

And come talk to me anytime you want a free crop reading.



<The rest of the letter is smeared.>

Inside the stash is one each of  [Four Wind Soju],  [Pandaren Plum Wine],  [Ginseng Tea],  [Jade Witch Brew], and  [Mad Brewer's Breakfast].



<Drool dangles down the side of Jogu's mouth.>

  • <Jogu squints at you.>
    Hey, do I know you?
  • Buy a fish a drink?
  • Hey shtranger... you got some coin for a thirsty traveler?
  • Heeey buddy! Nice to see you again!
  • I'm awful thirsty, buddy.
  • Hey buddy, got shome coin to shpare a poor jinyu?
  • My friend come to visit Jogu again? What can I do for you today?
  • Friend of jinyu, come sit with me a while.
  • Hey friend, care to sit with me and share a drink?
Good Friend
  • Hey, it's my good friend, <name>. I'm feeling more lucid today. Maybe because I've cut back a little on the sauce.
  • You are a good friend, <name>. Maybe my only friend.
  • You know, I've decided I like having you as a friend. Makes me think that maybe I can have other friends, too.
Best Friend
Hey neighbor, since you've been such a good friend to me, from now on I'm going to give you crop predictions for free. Absolutely no charge! Just come drink with me now and again, eh?
  • Hey <brother/sister>! You come to ask Jogu for wishdom?
  • What brings you to my well today, <brother/sister>?
  • The watersh tell of good fortune today, <name>.
Sungsong Ranch
This pond sure is nice, neighbor.

Gossip Hey Jogu, what's the word on tomorrow's crops?

  • Ughhhh... my head is hazy... try again later.
  • Oooh... ooooh! My senses are tingling! I see... huge Green Cabbages in your future.
  • You ever heard of a juicycrunch carrot? They'll never be juicier than tomorrow.
  • I'm seeing Pink Turnipsh in your future.
  • Fields of white turnips. Raw and shipicy!
  • Have I ever told you that I hate Scallions? Hate 'em!
<Jogu lets out a loud belch.>
Unfortunately for me, they're going to be in high season tomorrow.
  • Striped melons are quite juishy this time of year! Put some sheeds in the ground, and you will reap the harvest on the morrow.
  • Jade Melonsh grow the color of milky jade. Conditionsh will be perfect tomorrow for growing thish vegetable... I think.
  • Which berries should you plant? Witchberries, of course!
  • Pumpkins! It'sh gonna be huge, gigantic pumpkins!
  • Shpring for a leek, and you might get two.

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