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Title Warlord
Gender Male
Race Jungle troll
Affiliation(s) Gurubashi tribe
Occupation Warlord of the Gurubashi tribe
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Zan'non (son)

Jok'non was a warlord of the Gurubashi jungle trolls around 19 years prior to the opening of the Dark Portal. He and his followers experimented with forbidden blood magic derived from Hakkar the Soulflayer. Following Gurubashi raids on human villages in Westfall, the three friends Prince Llane Wrynn, Medivh and Anduin Lothar infiltrated Stranglethorn with the intent of quickly killing Jok'non in his ziggurat and then retreating, leaving the trolls without a leader. However, their plan was anything but flawless. When battle erupted, it attracted a tremendous amount of attention, and the three humans soon found themselves in a brutal fight for their lives. Medivh dueled Jok'non himself, facing a breed of magic he had never seen. Jok'non's dark power nearly overwhelmed Medivh, forcing the Guardian to abandon his apprehensions and unleash his full might. The resulting spell destroyed every single troll inside the ziggurat, and their howls of agony were heard throughout Stranglethorn.[1]

The three men hurried back to Stormwind, but there was no joy in their victory, for they had witnessed Medivh's dark side and realized that their old friend was different in ways they could never understand. Medivh himself did not fully understand what he had done and had no idea where the knowledge to cast the destructive spell had come from or if it had been entirely powered by arcane magic. It disturbed him greatly.[1]

Though none of the trolls who had witnessed Warlord Jok'non's death survived, it took little imagination for them to guess who was responsible, and the Gurubashi soon rallied under Jok'non's son, Zan'non, and marched against Stormwind, beginning the Gurubashi War.[1]


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Leader of the Gurubashi tribe
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