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Image of Jorak
Gender Male
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level 35-50
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Voldunai
Location Withering Gulch[53, 66.6] and Temple of Akunda,[52.8, 89.2] Vol'dun
Status Alive

Jorak is a Zandalari troll exile first encountered at the Withering Gulch in Vol'dun. He was exiled to the desert for an unspecified crime and was part of the same group of outcasts as Warguard Rakera, who saved his life from Grozztok the Blackheart when General Jakra'zet's assassins attacked the caravan.[1] After being encountered by Bladeguard Kaja, an adventurer, and Meerah, Jorak accompanies Meerah's Caravan to the Temple of Akunda in the south, where Rakera is believed to have made her way.[2] He gives the last of his belongings to the adventurer so that they can gain entry into the temple and search for Rakera.[3]

Finally, Jorak tells the adventurer that he intends to rename himself Akunda and live out the rest of his days at the temple, and asks the hero to deliver an unknown message to B'wizati in Zuldazar.[4] When the adventurer returns to the temple, Jorak—now known as Akunda the Unburdened—has had his painful memories removed and states that he can no longer remember the crime that sent him to Vol'dun in the first place, nor does he remember anyone by the name B'wizati. After Akunda is freed, he regains his name of Jorak, but still does not remember B'wizati.




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  • I deserve my fate.
  • If I can help, I will.
  • What do you need?
  • De sands are never going to be safe.
  • May de sands swallow my sins.
  • Some things cannot be undone.


At the Withering Gulch
I will die in these dunes... and I will deserve it.
After completing H [110 - 120] Grozztok the Blackheart
Grozztok deserved his fate. I hope you let him suffer.
At the Temple of Akunda
De chance to leave my past behind and start again does not sound so bad. Dese trolls might not be so crazy after all.
Gossip What did you do to end up here?
You may not like de answer to dat, <name>. I deserve my sentence to de sands, make no mistake.
At the Temple of Akunda (If Akunda is freed but Jorak's letter has not been delivered)
As de memories return, de pain does as well...
Gossip What did you do to end up here?
You may not like de answer to dat, <name>. I deserve my sentence to de sands, make no mistake.
After completing H [110 - 120] Fond Farewells
It is good ta see you are well, <name>.
I am well, too.
Akunda has given me de chance ta start anew.
  • Gossip What did you do to end up here?
I... I do not remember? But it is better dis way.
  • Gossip I delivered your note to B'wizati.
Who? I do not know any troll by dat name, do I?

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