Jorhuttam (quest)

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Start Jarum Skymane
End Hymdall
Level 103 - 110 (Requires 103)
Category Warrior Campaign
Experience 19,350
Rewards Hymdall (champion)
 [Runed Aspirant's Band]
 [Glory of the Order]
1000 Order Resources
33g 20s
Previous N Warrior [103 - 110] Revenge, Served Cold
Next N Warrior [103 - 110] Preparing For War
N Warrior [103 - 110] Recruiting Shieldmaidens


Use the Frostcrag Drums near Jorhuttam's Feeding Mound and slay Jorhuttam to obtain the Gjallerhorn.


You upheld your end of your promise. I will do the same.

Take these drogbar drums. They bang on them to call upon Jorhuttam to feast.

Find the Great Worm's feeding mound and use the drums to lure her out.


You will gain these followers:

You will receive: 33g 20s
Trade archaeology vrykul runestick.png [Runed Aspirant's Band] Achievement reputation 03.png [Glory of the Order]

You will also receive: 1000 Order Resources


The Gjallarhorn, <name>. Is it finally in your possession?


It is done! The armies of Ulduar are bound by oath to join us now that we're in possession of the Gjallerhorn!



Jorhuttam's Feeding Mound is located at the southern end of Highmountain Summit.

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