Josiah Avery

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NeutralJosiah Avery
Image of Josiah Avery
Gender Male
Race Worgen (Humanoid)
Level 10
Reaction Friendly
Affiliation(s) Northgate rebels
Location Military District, Gilneas City
Status Deceased

Josiah Avery was a human that fell to the worgen curse during the siege of Gilneas City by the Bloodfang worgen. After falling to the curse he became feral and infected the player's character with it. He was shot by Lorna Crowley seconds afterwards and died from the shot.

His cellar was used as an arsenal by the Northgate rebels.



  • Make it stop!
  • My face! What's wrong with my face!
  • My hands... don't look at my hands!!
  • What's wrong with me??!

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