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NeutralJotunheim vrykul
Main leader Unknown
  Formerly IconSmall FrostVrykul Male Overthane Balargarde †
Secondary leaders Unknown
  Formerly IconSmall Vrykul Male Thane Ufrang the Mighty †
IconSmall Vrykul Male Thane Illskar †
IconSmall Vrykul Male Thane Banahogg †
Race(s) VrykulVrykul Vrykul
Frost vrykulFrost vrykul Frost vrykul
IconSmall Vargul Vargul
Capital Jotunheim
Base of operations Balargarde Fortress
Affiliation Independent
  Formerly Scourge
Status Active

The Jotunheim vrykul[1] are a conglomerate of vrykul living in the same area, Jotunheim. The Thanes are constantly at war between them.[2]

The exact relation between the Mjordin and the Jotunheim vrykul is unclear. They share the cliff city of Jotunheim and the Balargarde Fortress but there was no evidence to link them directly.


The vrykul here were the first to be reawakened, and as such Jotunheim is of significant importance to the vrykul race, second only to Ymirheim.[3]

During the war against the Lich King, the clan was under the lead of Overthane Balargarde, until he was killed by the adventurers. In their village, vrykul fought each other in the pit of Valhalas; the winners of these combats became one of the Ymirjar,[4] the elite warrior caste created by King Ymiron in service of the Lich King, and the loser became a vargul, an undead creature.[5]

At some point, Bethod Feigr was sent by Thane Ufrang the Mighty in order to become Thane. However, Illskar used some kind of dark magic to cheat and win the fight. Bethod was damned and became a vargul. Later, Bethod sent some adventurers to avenge him in killing Thane Illskar and his champions. Justice was done and Illskar was damned and became a vargul too. The work accomplished, he asked to remain alone in his shame.[6]

After the Shadow Vault fell under the control of the Knights of the Ebon Blade led by Duke Lankral, the destruction of Jotunheim was one of the projects. At first, they sent adventurers to fight the Jotunheim vrykul at the Savage Ledge,[7] and then to kill Thane Ufrang the Mighty.[8] Afterwards, the adventurers were sent there to weaken the vrykul resolve by burning their banners,[9] to help the Bone Witch wreaking havoc from within,[10] to burn down their buildings,[11] to plant Ebon Blade banners in the bodies of their fallen warriors,[12] and also to slay their proto-dragons.[13] Finally, Overthane Balargarde has been challenged and killed under the eyes of the Lich King.[14]

Following the war against the Jailer, the brothers Bronzebeard reported that the village is still active, and that the vrykul are still challenging each other in the pit of Valhalas, this time without no death god to serve, at least. They also noted that the val'kyr Geirrvif was still alive, and still overseeing the arena.[5]


Name Role Status Location
IconSmall FrostVrykul Male Overthane Balargarde Master of Jotunheim Deceased Jotunheim, Icecrown
IconSmall Vrykul Male Gjonner the Merciless Arena master of Valhalas Active Jotunheim, Icecrown
IconSmall Vrykul Male Thane Ufrang the Mighty Killable Ufrang's Hall, Icecrown
IconSmall Vrykul Male IconSmall Vargul Bethod Feigr Former Champion of Ufrang Undead The Underhalls, Icecrown
IconSmall Vrykul Male Instructor Hroegar Instructor Killable Savage Ledge, Icecrown
IconSmall Vrykul Female The Bone Witch Witch of Jotunheim Possessed Jotunheim, Icecrown
IconSmall Vrykul Male IconSmall Vargul Thane Illskar Thane damned by valkyrs Undead Circle of Suffering, Icecrown
IconSmall Vrykul Male Volgur Champion of Illskar Deceased Circle of Suffering, Icecrown
IconSmall Vrykul Female Brita Champion of Illskar Deceased Circle of Suffering, Icecrown
IconSmall Vrykul Male Thane Banahogg[15] (presumed) the Deathblow Deceased Valhalas, Icecrown


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