HordeJourney to Nazmir
Start Princess Talanji
End Rokhan
Level 110 - 120 (Requires 110)
Category Nazmir
Experience 1,650 - 1,800
Reputation +10 Talanji's Expedition
Rewards 1g 94s - 2g 34s
Previous H [110 - 120] Nazmir
Next H [110 - 120] Nazmir, the Forbidden Swamp


Meet with Rokhan near flight master Rokota in Dazar'alor.


It is time to put an end to de blood trolls in Nazmir before their monstrous horde descends upon Zuldazar.

My most loyal followers are willing to come with me to dat cursed place. But it will not be enough.

I am relieved dat you and de Horde are willing to help. Rokhan and his darkspears are getting ready to leave.

I will finish my preparations here. Meet with Rokhan and make your way to Nazmir, I will see you there.


You will receive:


<Name>! You ready ta go ta a cursed swamp?


Princess Talanji says: Make your way to Nazmir with Rokhan. I will meet you dere. We must put an end to dis blood troll threat.
Approaching Rokota
Rokhan says: Princess Talanji be sendin' us ta Nazmir. We gonna need ya pterrordaxes ta get us dere.
Paku'ai Rokota says: I will not see my pets become food for de blood trolls! No one comes back from Nazmir.
Rokhan says: Dis ain't a discussion, sista. Me and <name> here got orders from ya princess.


  1. H [110 - 120] Nazmir
  2. H [110 - 120] Journey to Nazmir
  3. H [110 - 120] Nazmir, the Forbidden Swamp
  4. H [110 - 120] Into The Darkness
  5. H [25-50] Leave None Standing & H [110 - 120] Improper Burial
  6. H [110 - 120] Ending the Blood Trolls
  7. H [110 - 120] A Time of Revelation
  8. H [110 - 120] The Aid of the Loa

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