Daran Thunderbrew presenting the jug to Li Li.

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The Jug of a Thousand Cups is a mystical drinking vessel seemingly capable of holding an endless amount of alcohol. It was once owned by Chen Stormstout, who used it during his drinking contest with Grimbooze Thunderbrew years ago. The pandaren and dwarf drank cup after cup, eventually even managing to drain the magical jug. Following the "Festival o' Brews", which later evolved into Brewfest, Chen departed but left the jug with Grimbooze. In the opinion of his grandson Daran, Grimbooze might have enjoyed the jug a bit too much since for a while he moved out to Westfall and spoke only in rhymes. When Li Li Stormstout and Strongbo visited Brewfest years later, Daran gave the jug to Li Li, stating that he didn't want to end up like Grimbooze and that the object should stay in the Stormstout family.

Li Li and Strongbo eventually made their way to the Stonetalon Mountains and encountered Keeper Orremin, who gave them a sample of indellium hops as thanks for the help Chen had given him years earlier. Using the indellium, Li Li made her own brew and offered it to Bo, but since he stated that he didn't drink, she instead poured the entire batch in the Jug of a Thousand Cups so she could offer it to Chen later. While she made plenty of brew, it wasn't enough to fill the entire jug.

Li Li was later captured by Rahjak and taken to an island where she was chained up and watched over by the ogre Blokk while Rahjak prepared to duel Bo. Li Li made a bet with Blokk, challenging him that the ogre couldn't drink the entire Jug of a Thousand Cups. Unaware of what the vessel was, Blokk took up the challenge. He eventually managed to finish the entire jug and immediately passed out from the alcohol, allowing Li Li to steal his keys and escape.[1]

In Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm This section concerns content related to Heroes of the Storm and is considered non-canon.

The jug appears in Heroes of the Storm as the basis of Li Li's Heroic "Jug of 1,000 Cups" ability, which allows her to summon the jug and channel to rapidly heal nearby allies.