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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Junk golems are lumbering mechanical contraptions that stand no higher than a dwarf. They are covered in a variety of lenses and armatures, appearing to be built from wire, lengths of wood and broken barrels. Steam belches from a furnace somewhere in their bodies as they move. Clumsy arms with various attachments seem to grope mindlessly in the air.

It is a common sight to see a junk golem bumbling down the city streets of Ratchet. Almost considered disposable by many goblins, these constructs vary so widely in construction that really categorizing them is impossible. In a city where tinkering is a respected science and where phlogiston and coal are relatively cheap, this golem has become an almost common minion of not only Ratchet's junk guilds but also traveling goblins in general. Identifying a junk golem by the quality of its components is easy. These constructs always appear ready to fall apart. Tied together with string, glue and luck, the junk golem tends to have a haphazard appearance. Most have a variety of different appendages for digging, burning, cutting, smashing and picking things up. This is a bit of notable Goblin technology.

Most tinkers customize junk golems to suit their needs. Not overly reliable, the constructs have a tendency to break down under stress. Cheap wooden barrels, recycled tracks, bellows, junk wire, broken clock gears and other unreliable mechanical components are responsible for the frequent breakdowns of a junk golem. The junk guilds of Ratchet build a dizzying array of types of this golem. Some are even capable of clumsy flight to perch on top of junkyard heaps.[1]


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