Justice for the Fallen

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HordeJustice for the Fallen
Start Spirit of Vol'jin
End Spirit of Vol'jin
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Type Raid
Category The Shadow Hunter
Experience 35,700
Reputation +500 Zandalari Empire
+500 Darkspear Trolls
Rewards 93g 60s
Previous H [120] Spirit Call
Next H [120] The True Leader of Zandalar


Bloody the Glaive of Vol'jin in G'huun's corpse.


Justice for da sons and daughters of lost loa. Justice for da heart of Zandalar. G'huun must be slain, and a symbol of his death displayed to those who need see it most.

Take me glaive, drive it into da corpse of dat beast, and let Talanji show it to her people.

Let peace be started in da hearts of da Zandalari.


You will receive:


Madness and darkness be movin' on da other side. Da pain of so many be mighty.


Dis been a foe that threatened da trolls for many generations. We may not have always known his name, but we felt his curse.

Today, you won da justice for thousands of generations of trolls.



8.0 questline

  1. H [120] Zalazane Returns
  2. H [120] Broken Bargain & H [120] The Glaive of Vol'jin
  3. H [120] Vengeance for Vol'jin
  4. H [120] Honoring a True Leader
  5. H [120] Vol'jin, Son of Sen'jin
  6. H [120D] Atal'Dazar: Ashes of a Warchief
  7. H [120] You Owe Me a Spirit
  8. H [120] The Lost Spirit
  9. H [120] Spirit Call
  10. H [120R] Justice for the Fallen
  11. H [120] The True Leader of Zandalar

8.1 questline

  1. H [120] Wisdom of the Warchief
  2. H [120] Shades of Disruption
  3. H [120] To the Broken Shore
  4. H [120] Where He Fell
  5. H [120] To Orgrimmar
  6. H [120] Where He Died
  7. H [120] The Lies of a Loa
  8. H [120] The Loa of Death
    1. H [120] Jailor of the Damned & H [120] Eyir
    2. H [120] Confront The Val'kyr
  9. H [120] Mysteries of Death

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