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For the character from an alternate universe, see K'ure (alternate universe).
Image of K'ure
Race Naaru (Uncategorized)
Level 15-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Oshu'gun, Nagrand
Status Active

K'ure (pronounced 'KWUH-rey')[1] is a naaru currently being held by the Burning Legion deep inside Oshu'gun.


K'ure was the first naaru to make contact with the Prophet Velen, and was instrumental in saving him and his followers from the hands of Kil'jaeden's man'ari eredar. It communicated to Velen through an ata'mal crystal that the eredar held sacred for centuries, as their mysterious appearances long ago is what allowed the eredar to make such sweeping strides in the areas of magic, science and technology from their telepathically given knowledge. K'ure became Velen's friend and mentor during their centuries of flight from Kil'jaeden.[2]

During the Genedar's crash several centuries ago, K'ara was injured, which caused it to enter the Void state of the naaru lifecycle. K'ara's final act was to convince the draenei to eject it from the vessel, but this was easier said than done. The Void energy instinctively caused K'ara to go to war against the other naaru aboard the vessel, D'ore and K'ure. Their violent clash of Light and Void threatened to kill any draenei who interfered, yet Prophet Velen stepped forward nonetheless. He used the Light to shield the other naaru and cast K'ara out of the vessel. But the battle sapped his strength, physically and mentally, and his visions of the future became unreliable.[3] K'ara was ejected from the Genedar in the chaos of the crash, and came to be known as the Dark Star to the orcs of Shadowmoon Valley.

Meanwhile the D'ore and K'ure were too weakened to land the Genedar and the vessel soon plummeted to the ground killing D'ore and many of the draenei on board.[3] Over the next several centuries, K'ure became friends with the spirits of the orc ancestors, who were attracted to K'ure's energies. The ancestors took up residence in Oshu'gun, the Orcish name for K'ure's dimensional ship, and structured the orcish religion in such a way that the shamans would unknowingly care for K'ure.

Orcish exiles who had been expelled by their clans for tapping into the void and losing themselves to madness were attracted by K'ure's void energies. Deep underneath Oshu'gun these exiles would tap into the void energies bleeding from K'ure. By studying these powers the orcs would communicate with the Void Lords, who bombarded them with visions of apocalypse and revealing the secrets of using shadow magic. The influx of K'ure's Void energies would gradually turn the exiles' skin a sickly white, and they would call themselves the Pale.

As its holy energies bled away over time, a void slowly grew in its place — devouring the souls of those nearby. K'ure watched helplessly as generations of orc spirits were consumed by this vortex. Recently, the Burning Legion harnessed this vortex in order to draw countless voidspawn to increase their own ranks, until they were stopped by an adventurer with the aid of A'dal.[4]



  • The internal name for Inv mace 1h artifactheartofkure d 01 [T'uure, Beacon of the Naaru] used in the game files is "artifactheartofkure", indicating that at some point during development the staff may have had a connection to K'ure rather than T'uure.
  • When asked if the Horde symbol was "a crude drawing shared by the Draenor orc spiritual leaders based on their visions of K'ure inside Oshu'gun that was passed down for centuries and eventually chosen because it represented all orcs and not one clan" or "just some cool tribal [thing]", Chris Metzen amusingly answered "Uhhhh... in my mind - it's A. Yeah. That. It's always been that cool and well thought out!....."[5]

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