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Image of K.U.-J.0.
Race Mechanical wolf (Mechanical)
Level 122 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Operation: Mechagon
Status Destroyable

K.U.-J.0. is a mechanical wolf boss in Operation: Mechagon.

Adventure Guide

As the repository for the city's refuse, the Under Junk is a prime target for gnomes from Bondo's gang who intend to steal valuable mechanical components. While Trash Mistress Wendy Cogsworth ceaselessly sorts the city's junk, her loyal guard dog, K.U.-J.0., keeps out unwelcome intruders--mechagnomes and adventurers alike.


Wendy Cogsworth yells: Sic 'em, boy!
Air Drop
Wendy Cogsworth yells: Look out below!
Venting Flames
Wendy Cogsworth yells: I knew I should've walked you earlier!
Explosive Leap
Wendy Cogsworth yells: It's playtime!
Wendy Cogsworth yells: What have you done?! You monsters!
Wendy Cogsworth yells: It'll take me weeks to rebuild him!


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