Neutral 32.pngKaiani
Trollfemale nopic.jpg
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Gender Female
Race Zandalari troll
Location Unknown
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Rajin (father), Zenbaro (love interest)

Kaiani was the daughter of Rajin, leader of a group of young Zandalari scamps in Zuldazar during Zenbaro's youth. She was kind, honest, and beautiful; everything her father was not. During Zenbaro's time working for Rajin, he and Kaiani became close. She begged Zenbaro to leave the scamps and the city with her, and from that day on he secretly kept part of all the coins he stole for himself rather than giving them all to Rajin. In a year's time, Zenbaro had saved up enough for him and Kaiani to run away. They agreed to leave one night and to meet near the Old Merchant Road at twilight. However, when Zenbaro arrived at the meeting spot after sunset, he was apprehended by armed guards, and days later he realized the horrible truth: Kaiani had been killed by her father, but Zenbaro was the one who would take the blame, leading to his exile to Vol'dun.[1]


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