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Inv drink 2120
  • Kaja'Cola
  • Unique (20)
  • Use: Kaja'Cola! It gives you IDEAS! (TM)


Kaja'Cola is a common item found all over Kezan during the Goblin starting experience. It is a carbonated beverage manufactured from distilling the juice out of priceless kaja'mite. It was produced by Kajaro Trading Company. Using the item has the player yell out a random "idea" and will increase Intellect by 2 for ten minutes.

The beverage is the Bilgewater Cartel's best-selling product of all time.[1] Kaja'Cola's mascots are Jinxy the Weasel[2] and a goblin wench-monger.[3] Kaja'Cola Balloons were advertising the product around Bilgewater Port.

Apparently, it is possible to form a serious dependence (addiction) to Kaja'Cola.[4]

With the destruction of Kezan, Kaja'Cola is becoming increasingly hard to find.[5]

During their time on the Lost Isles, Gallywix began making Kaja'cola again in the form of Kaja'Cola Zero-One.


  • A big convention, see? To show off all of our inventions. We call it GoblinCon. And we give away special pets! Except most people will probably sell them for profit on the auction house.
  • A binary number system. It uses only two numbers, 6 and 11.
  • A globe that shows the inside of the planet... on the outside. So you know where to dig!
  • A truck that delivers ice-cream. With a catapult.
  • Attach two vehicles to a bigger vehicle, and then have the passengers jump from one vehicle to the other!
  • Bagel-holes!
  • Chocolate-flavored vanilla!
  • Clowns. Except instead of making you laugh, they're for beating.
  • Distilling the juice out of Kaja'mite to make a delicious, carbonated beverage that will give people IDEAS! Hey, wait a minute...
  • Dwarves. In. Space!
  • Earwax. It's got to be good for SOMETHING.
  • Edible beds. So you can have breakfast in bed. Beds... for breakfast!
  • Electrical wires used to send messages over great distances... no, impractical. Giant rockets, with speakers attached...
  • Fake food! Created by grinding up real food and pressing it into shapes of different food. With artificial flavoring!
  • Feed pigs rubber, 'til they bounce. There's got to be an application for that.
  • Flerberts. I'm not sure what they do, but I'd better lock down the name with a trademark.
  • Games you can play with your face!
  • Giant gnomes. No, wait... tiny giants!
  • Gloves with built-in clappers, for hands-free clapping.
  • Goblins with gills!
  • Half man... half sharkalligator!
  • Handheld one-way mirrors!
  • Headshoes!
  • Houses made of dirt! When you clean them... THEY'RE GONE.
  • How about smiling monkey wallets?
  • How about this: Instant water! Just add... oh.
  • Invisible bunnies! We'll put them all over the place, and they'll control everything!
  • Invisible condiments. For an unobstructed view of your food.
  • It's like bungie-jumping, right? But without a cord, see? And you start at the bottom. I guess it's just sorta like regular jumping. But with guns.
  • I've got it: Squeezable rocks!
  • Leashes... with pre-attached pets.
  • Motorized gravy-boat. With laser lump vaporizer!
  • Mouse-sized beartraps... no... Bear-sized mousetraps!!
  • Murder permits!
  • Nose-stenders. For smelling things in different rooms.
  • Portable gasoline squirt-guns!
  • Recycling! But, for stuff that's never been used before.
  • Shoes with wheels on them. And gloves with wheels on them - for when you fall down.
  • So I have this idea for a movie. Three gnomes find a bracelet of power...
  • Soap on a rope! Attached to a chain! Mounted via a steel cable. To some soap.
  • Spoon sharpeners!
  • Stairways... for horizontal surfaces!
  • State-sponsored healthcare!
  • String-less kites!
  • Tauren Paladins!
  • Tether-footbomb!
  • Thirteen-sided dice!
  • Water-proof soap! For underwater use!
  • We put a whole town... in a tiny little box!
  • What if we were to ORGANIZE crime?
  • See also: Refreshment Vendor and Morale Boost.


  • The "Dwarves. In. Space!" quote is reference to a recurring skit from The Muppet Show called "Pigs in Space" (introduced similarly to how "Dwarves in Space" is type-spaced). Alternately, it may be a reference to a video created by machinima artist, Oxhorn, titled "Orcs. In. Space!", which was inspired by the aforementioned routine. It may also be a reference to The Lost Vikings, a video game created by Blizzard Entertainment (then Silicon & Synapse) in which three norse warriors (who look like dwarves) must escape from an alien spaceship.
  • The "invisible bunnies that control everything" are a reference to how Blizzard uses invisible NPC's with bunny models to control certain events.
  • Goblins with gills exist in the game.
  • As of Cataclysm, tauren are able to be paladins, known as Sunwalkers.
  • Goblin technology does allow putting a whole town in a little box, and also it references to a Fallout Game (especially to a GECK[1]).
  • "Half man... half sharkalligator!" is a reference to the Dr. Octagon song "halfsharkalligatorhalfman"
  • "GoblinCon" is a reference to BlizzCon, where the exclusive companion pets they hand out often end up on being sold on eBay.
  • "Three gnomes find a bracelet of power" is a reference to one of the /silly jokes for human males which parodies The Lord of the Rings.
  • Mebok Mizzyrix wanted to brew "smart drinks" out of raptor horns.[6]


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