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Gender Male
Race Blue dragon
Affiliation(s) Blue dragonflight
Status Deceased

Kaldrigos, referred to as "the dread wyrm",[1] and "the great wyrm"[2] was a dragon slain years ago by a group of at least four mortals. At least three of the mortals were killed, but it is known that they ultimately triumphed over the blue wyrm.

The battle

Many details about the battle are shrouded in mystery. Several unknown elements include the date of the battle, the total number of participants, and the specific reason the party was formed against the dragon. The outcome of several of the participants can be determined through Archaeology; the pieces were put together from fragments found in areas occupied by Dwarves, but it is unknown whether the adventurers themselves were dwarves.

 [Notched Sword of Tunadil the Redeemer] - Tunadil the Redeemer was a paladin, who fell upon his own sword at some point in the battle, breaking it.
 [Dented Shield of Horuz Killcrow] - At some point during the battle Horuz Killcrow found himself directly in the path of the dragon's tail, which cost the storied warrior his life due to Tail Sweep.
 [Scorched Staff of Shadow Priest Anund] - Shadow Priest Anund was caught and killed in Kaldrigos's arcane breath, which also severely damaged his staff.
 [Silver Kris of Korl] - Before he was killed, Anund got off one last [Shadow Word: Pain]. Legend has it that this allowed Korl to make the final blow and struck his dagger deep into the dragon's heart.

The battle is also referenced on a Broken Isles world drop:

 [Anund's Bandages] - "Korl won't admit that Anund was trying to heal himself through Kaldrigos's arcane breath with these."


The achievement  [Blue Streak] requires solving the artifacts documenting the battle against Kaldrigos.

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