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For information on how to defeat Kalecgos in World of Warcraft, see Kalecgos (tactics).
Image of Kalecgos (Kalec)
Title Spell-Weaver,
Steward of Magic,[1][2]
Aspect of Magic,
Blue Aspect,
Kirin Tor
Ambassador of the Blue Dragonflight
Gender Male
Race Blue dragon (Dragonkin / Humanoid)
Class Mage
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Blue dragonflight, Wyrmrest Accord, Valdrakken Accord, Kirin Tor (Council of Six), Magocracy of Dalaran, Alliance,[3] Tirisgarde[4]
Former affiliation(s) Dragon Aspects
Occupation Leader of the blue dragonflight, Archmage of the Kirin Tor and member of the Council of Six, Champion of the Tirisgarde
Former occupation(s) Aspect of the blue dragonflight, Ambassador to the Wyrmrest Accord, Investigator for Malygos and Guardian of Anveena
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Tarecgosa (adopted sister), Jaina Proudmoore (former lover)[5]
Mentor(s) Sindragosa (Simulacrum)

Kalecgos is the Aspect of the blue dragonflight, after the death of Malygos. In his preferred mortal guise, he is known as Kalec and appears as a half-human, half-elf with blue-black hair,[6] a form that appeals to him because it represents a melding of two worlds, just as Kalec himself feels that he is a blend of the worlds of dragons and humans.[7] Due to the blues being most in tune with arcane magic of all the dragonflights, Kalec has the powers of a sorcerer and the strength of a warrior. Even after losing his Aspect abilities, he is one of the greatest mages in Azeroth's present and past,[8] with Kinndy Sparkshine describing him as likely being superior to any of the mages from the short-lived Azerothian races.[9]

Prior to the Nexus War, Kalecgos was Malygos' investigator and became involved in the search for residual energies of the Sunwell. He opposed Malygos' war against mortal spellcasters and became the blue dragonflight's ambassador to the Wyrmrest Accord.

During the events of the War against the Lich King, Kalec decided to not stand with Malygos. He allied himself with Alexstrasza and the Wyrmrest Accord to help stop his former master.

With the rise of Deathwing during the Cataclysm, Kalecgos was named the new Aspect of Magic and aided his fellow Aspects and the mortal adventurers in the battle with the Aspect of Death. After his defeat, the blue dragons went their separate ways; Kalec joined the Kirin Tor and took up residence in Dalaran to pursue a relationship with Jaina Proudmoore. Though Jaina left Dalaran at the onset of the Burning Legion's invasion of Azeroth, Kalecgos remained, becoming a member of the Tirisgarde as well as the ruling Council of Six.


Kalecgos was put in charge of Tarecgosa's protection and education when she was but a hatchling. Over the millennia, they forged a special bond. Their affinity for one another became well known within the blue flight.

Chronormu's visage[]

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At some point, Kalecgos' good friend, the bronze dragon Zidormi, arranged for a meeting between him and Chronormu, who could not make up his mind on what mortal form to choose during his upcoming Visage Day ceremony. The two met in Coldarra and Chronormu asked how Kalecgos had chosen his mortal form. The blue surprised the bronze by revealing that his visage was that of a humble half-elf. Kalecgos explained that while many blues chose elaborate forms, he instead wanted to be approachable and walk among mortals as a friend and equal. When Chronormu asked about his visage's blue hair, he replied "It suits me". Before the bronze left, Kalecgos suggested that he should think about a nickname to use in his mortal form—like how Kalecgos went by "Kalec"—and seek out the advice of someone with a different perspective on dealing with mortals.

Kalec attended Chronormu's Visage Day at Wyrmrest Temple, where the bronze held a speech about how he'd realized that a visage was not only about how others perceived them but about how they perceived themselves, and subsequently transformed into the female gnome Chromie. Amidst the subsequent festivities, Kalec told Chromie that he felt that she was the one who had taught them all a lesson. When he asked why she'd chosen to become female, Chromie smiled, replied "It suits me", and gave him a long hug.[10]

The Sunwell[]

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.
Main article: The Sunwell Trilogy
Kalec Color

Kalecgos in the manga.

Young Kalecgos was sent as an investigator by Malygos to Quel'Thalas to locate what appeared to be residual energies from the Sunwell, believed to have been destroyed by the Scourge some time before. What he found - after being severely injured by the dwarven dragon hunter Harkyn Grymstone and his band - was a strange young human named Anveena Teague, who lived with her parents outside Tarren Mill. As they evaded Harkyn's band of hunters as well as the occasional agent of the Scourge, Kalec and Anveena teamed up with Kalec's intended, Tyrygosa, and the human paladin Jorad Mace. While in Tarren Mill, they were confronted by the Scourge led by the elven traitor Dar'Khan Drathir, who sought the power of the Sunwell for himself. He believed it may have been the dragonling Raac, hatched from an egg found in the ruins of Anveena's home, but later events prove this false.[11]

While seeking a way to remove Dar'Khan's enchanted collars from around his neck (which trapped him in humanoid form) and Anveena's, Kalec traveled to the Hinterlands - and in the process, battling the forces of both the Scourge and the Forsaken Baron Valimar Mordis - and it was there that he discovered that Anveena possessed great power, demonstrated by saving him from a potentially fatal fall from the cliffs below the Baron's castle. As she was trying to slow Kalec's fall, Anveena was captured by Dar'Khan, and taken to Quel'Thalas.[12]

Kalec, Tyri, and Jorad gave chase, traveling to the ruined elven kingdom themselves and first being captured, then aided, by Lor'themar Theron, his lieutenant Halduron Brightwing, and their band of rangers. Kalec discovered that Anveena was, in fact, the avatar of the Sunwell, and aided in the final battle that led to Dar'Khan's defeat. Afterward, the previously-enslaved Korialstrasz - Prime Consort to Alexstrasza, the red Aspect - explained that he had created the illusion that was Anveena, in order to prevent the Scourge from obtaining her power. When Lor'themar pledged himself to keep Anveena safe, Kalec decided to remain behind as well as her protector. It is heavily implied that Kalec and Anveena became romantically involved shortly thereafter.[13]

Nexus Point[]

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

When a group of nether dragons attack the Nexus, Tyrygosa contacted Kalec in a desperate try to save the home of the blue dragonflight. In the end, however, Kalec arrived too late; Malygos had awoken, and in his insanity he absorbed the nether dragons into himself.[14]

Fury of the Sunwell[]

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See also: Kalecgos (tactics)
Kalecgos Dragon Form

Kalecgos within Sunwell Plateau.

Kalecgos, true to his word, remained Anveena's protector while she assisted the blood elves in the reconstruction of their homeland. Not long after however the traitorous Prince Kael'thas, fresh from his defeat in Tempest Keep, suddenly reappeared in Quel'Thalas, along with the forces of the Burning Legion. Before Kalec could react, the Legion captured Anveena, hoping to use her to bring their master, the demonlord Kil'jaeden, to Azeroth. Kalecgos, along with his companion Madrigosa, attempted to foil Kil'jaeden's plans, but in the process Kalecgos became possessed by the dreadlord Sathrovarr the Corruptor.

In the Sunwell Plateau raid, the encounter with Kalecgos is on two fronts, literally. The "physical" front is the one players engage the blue dragon head-on, in the physical world, but soon after encountering Kalecgos, portals open up to a much darker, spiritual world called the Inner Veil, where it is found that Kalec is battling against Sathrovarr the Corruptor. Alliance adventurers[15] simultaneously aided Kalec in killing Sathrovarr the Corruptor, while subduing Kalecgos' dragon form, in order to set him free.

Kalecgos later aided the adventurers in the fight against Kil'jaeden, where Anveena sacrificed herself to keep the demonlord from breaking through to Azeroth.

Grim Batol and after[]

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Following the loss of Anveena, Kalec returned home and became brooding and depressed, finally being sent away from the Nexus on an errand to investigate Grim Batol after starting more than one fight with his fellow blues. Kalecgos was not only upset by losing Anveena, but also by his lord Malygos' more recent stance on mortals and their handling of magic, one he appears to disagree with. At Grim Batol, Kalecgos encountered the red dragon Korialstrasz. At first, Kalec's attitude towards the consort of Alexstrasza was bitter and antagonistic; he blamed Krasus for his constant interference, and particularly for giving Anveena the illusion of life knowing how it would end.[16]

In Grim Batol's halls, Kalec and Krasus discovered the black dragon Sintharia, now known as Sinestra, creating a new flight of dragons. Working together, oftentimes begrudgingly, the two dragons with the assistance of Rhonin, Vereesa Windrunner, Rom, the draenei priestess Iridi, and the nether dragon Zzeraku, they overcame Sintharia and her creation, the twilight dragon Dargonax. Iridi perished in the final battle, and Kalec took it upon himself to return her body to Outland. When asked by Krasus if Malygos would allow him to go to Outland, Kalec replied that - permitted or not - he was going anyway; to see Outland once more was Iridi's dying wish, and she deserved to be buried there.

It is not known where Kalecgos went after that, nor the stance he takes during the Nexus War. However, it is likely he chose to not follow Malygos' orders - his distaste for the Aspect's decision to purge all mortal spellcasters was made clear to Korialstrasz.[17]

Wrath of the Lich King[]

Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.
Kalec at Wyrmrest

Kalec at Wyrmrest Temple.

During the war against the Lich King, Kalecgos became the ambassador of the blue dragonflight to the Wyrmrest Accord, and appeared in Alexstrasza's chamber at Wyrmrest Temple, standing next to Lord Itharius.

During the questline to restore Quel'Delar, Kalec stepped forward as Krasus spoke to the adventurer. He questioned the wisdom of reforging the blade, feeling that the mortals would not be powerful enough to wield it, and remembered that powerful weapons crafted by dragonkind had been turned against them in the past. He pledged not to interfere if the mortals reforge the blade, but warned that he will keep a close watch.[18]

During their assault of Icecrown Citadel, the adventurers destroyed Sindragosa in the Frostwing Halls. Rather than leave her to suffer again in some form, they took her crystalline essence to Kalecgos at Wyrmrest Temple, where she could truly be laid to rest.[19] Upon receiving the essence, Kalec stated "So much suffering, so much needless destruction. These have not been kind times for my brothers and sisters. But thanks to your efforts, brave adventurers, this darkened yet still noble soul may find peace at last. Rest now, Sindragosa. You are home...."[20]

Cataclysm era[]

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

At some point Kalec relocated to Azshara, fearing that the death of Malygos was a sign of weakness on the part of the blue dragonflight, and that Deathwing would send agents to assassinate the rest of the flight. This held true, as the black dragonflight invaded Azshara to hunt down Azuregos. Kalec can be found in Bilgewater Harbor,[55.4, 52.1]VZ-AzsharaBlip where he and Azuregos help low-level Horde players to repel the invasion.[21]

A Legendary Engagement[]

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
Kalecgos becoming Aspect

Kalecgos becoming the new Aspect as seen during the Dragonwrath questline.

Meanwhile, the blue dragonflight struggled with the issue of appointing a new leader. Its members were torn between Kalecgos and Arygos, the two likeliest successors. Arygos believed that his kind should withdraw from the world and forge a new path while Kalecgos believed that they should play an active part in the world's affairs. Ultimately, the flight agreed to meet during the Embrace in hopes that one of them would be selected as the new Aspect.[22]

Arygos, who was secretly allied with Deathwing, attempted to have Kalecgos assassinated to ensure his own succession. However, his plan failed when Tarecgosa sacrificed herself to save Kalecgos, and Arygos flew off, leaving Kalecgos to become the new Blue Aspect.[23]

Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects[]

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Kalecgos and Arygos were present during the meeting with Alexstrasza and Ysera in Wyrmrest Temple, when they were attacked by the Twilight Father and the Twilight Dragonflight. When the sanctums exploded, killing the young inside, Kalecgos was stunned to learn that Korialstrasz was responsible for the action by using a suicide attack, who he later learned did so in order to prevent all the whelps from becoming chromatic dragons.

Being instructed by Ysera and Nozdormu, Thrall arrived to the Nexus as the blue dragonflight was discussing on how to appoint a new aspect. Unwillingly to allow Thrall in Arygos initially ordered him killed but was forced to back down after it was revealed that Thrall had the blessing of two aspects. Unwillingly to let a "lesser race" to be present for the Embrace it took the threat of Kalecgos leaving the Nexus with his followers for Arygos to relent and allow Thrall to be present. During this time Kalecgos and Thrall became friends.

Enraged that his flight has chosen Kalecgos over himself, Arygos summoned the twilight dragonflight to assault the assembled blue dragons. Kalecgos' newfound powers proved too strong for the twilight dragons, however, and they retreated back to their base at Wyrmrest Temple. Kalecgos and the rest of the blue dragonflight pursued them, where they were met by the powerful chromatic dragon, Chromatus. This abomination proved too powerful even for the newly-empowered Blue Aspect, and Kalecgos and the surviving blues were forced to flee back to the Nexus.

Kalecgos' next battle would be alongside not only his own flight, but the red and green including their Aspects Alexstrasza and Ysera. The three Aspects led an assault at the Twilight's Hammer cult, specifically Chromatus. However Chromatus was too powerful even with the combined attacks of the three aspects, they would have surely died if not Nozdormu and his flight didn't show up and ordered a retreat. With little time they had, the four aspects joined hands with Thrall as he led a ritual to combine the essences of the aspects, Thrall taking place as the earth-warder. The four aspects with their newfound power breathed white-gold flames at Chromatus and defeated him.

Rage of the Firelands[]

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

Kalecgos was present at both the meeting of restoring Nordrassil and the wedding of Thrall and Aggra.

Charge of the Aspects[]

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Kalecgos BotA2

Kalecgos as the Blue Aspect.

When discussing how to defeat Deathwing, Kalec made a comment to Ysera about needing a weapon "like none that has come before it." Later, pondering these words, the Green Aspect was struck with inspiration; they would use the Dragon Soul to unmake Deathwing. Kalec seized upon the idea and started work on engineering a way to turn the Dragon Soul against Deathwing, whom previously it could not harm. He theorized that use of arcane magic could modify it to work upon the Aspect of Death. Shortly afterward, Ysera and Kalecgos come up with an idea of retrieving the Dragon Soul from the past to vanquish Deathwing. After telling Alexstrasza, the Dragonqueen departs to tell Nozdormu. The aspects work out a plan which involves going to the future to defeat Murozond and open the timeways to allow them to retrieve the Dragon Soul during the War of the Ancients. The aspects then ask Thrall to wield the Dragon Soul for no dragon can use it without causing themselves harm. Thrall agrees but asks if the short-lived races can assist him. Alexstrasza agrees. Not long afterward, Kalecgos brings up the fact that the Titans blessed the aspects for a reason, to stop the Hour of Twilight, but what would become of them afterward. The aspects establish that they are intended to preserve the gifts they were given, for time, life, nature, and magic last forever.

Hour of Twilight[]

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

After the Dragon Soul was brought to the present, it had to be transported by Thrall and mortal heroes to Wyrmrest Temple, a place of great power connected to the Chamber of the Aspects, where the artifact was originally imbued. Since Deathwing learned of their intent, he and his minions converged on the temple to waylay them at all costs. At Wyrmrest the Aspects infused it with their essences once again, making it more potent than it ever was. Kalecgos altered the Dragon Soul's properties so that it would affect Deathwing. But the artifact was imbued with the essences of the four Aspects and Deathwing never imparted his into it. To use the weapon to defeat him, they had to infuse it with the power of the Earth-Warder. Thrall possessed a portion - however small - of that exact thing: the essence of Azeroth itself. After the death of the twilight dragon Ultraxion, Thrall unleashed the Dragon Soul upon its creator. Wounded, Deathwing fled, attempting to return to the relative safety of Deepholm, through the Maelstrom. Thrall, the Aspects, and the adventurers gave chase, riding a gunship after the Aspect of Death, battling his personal escort along the way.

After catching up, the adventurers leapt onto Deathwing's back and began prying the elementium plates from his back, eventually making a big enough opening for Thrall to blast Deathwing with the Dragon Soul. Deathwing was blasted out of the sky and crashed into the Maelstrom. The defenders of Azeroth briefly rejoiced at having rid themselves of the Destroyer, but Deathwing rose from the Maelstrom. Without his armor, his molten form began to mutate, granting him a form far more terrifying than before. The final battle for Azeroth began in earnest, until one final blow from the Demon Soul infused with the complete essence of each Aspect completely obliterated Deathwing. After the death of Deathwing, the Aspects had fulfilled their duty, and their ancient powers had been expended in order to destroy their former brother, and thus, the remaining Aspects became mortal.[24]

Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War[]

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Some time after Deathwing's demise, Kalec became worried about the future of the blue dragonflight as they were leaving the Nexus. There, Kalecgos looked to Kirygosa for her advice, but was interrupted by Narygos who told them that the Focusing Iris was stolen. Two days ago, Kalec and the blue dragonflight decided to move the Focusing Iris into the Frozen Sea, off the coast of Coldara, to protect its power, but the dragon escort was killed and the Focusing Iris taken. After Kirygosa confirmed that the escort was killed, Kalecgos went after the Iris because of his position as former Aspect. First, he visited Rhonin, who sent him to the human Jaina Proudmoore for help.

Kalecgos traveled to Theramore Isle where Jaina and her trusted advisers were helping him to locate and acquire knowledge about the Focusing Iris. During that time, Kalecgos and Jaina became friends as they were speaking about their past. Yet their problems were compounded when news reached them of the Horde conquering Northwatch Hold and was seeking to target Theramore next. After Kalec and Jaina discovered the spell that kept them from finding the Focusing Iris, Kalecgos set out to retrieve it. He left Theramore, telling Jaina not to go to Northwatch Hold. With his departure, Jaina realized that she was missing his presence. Kalec was following the trail of the Iris all around Kalimdor, though he was unsuccessful. He also noticed the ruins of destroyed Northwatch and the army of the Horde. Discovering that the thieves were somehow able to rapidly change the location of the Focusing Iris, he decided to return to aid Jaina and later pick up the Iris' trail when he discovers a way to keep the thieves from toying with him. Back in Theramore, he found Jaina organizing her advisers and offers his services to her in the defense of Theramore. He remained with her and listened to her conversation with Varian through a magical mirror, while staying out of the mirror's field of view to hide his presence from the king.

The Horde moved in to attack Theramore Isle; planning to blow it up with a massive mana bomb of unseen dimension and fueled by the power of the Focusing Iris. Kalecgos' attempts to defend the city failed, leveling the entire island. Jaina, in fury, attempted to flood Orgrimmar with a tidal wave formed from the Focusing Iris, but Kalecgos managed to calm her down where even Thrall could not.

After stopping her from almost drowning an entire city, Kalec and Jaina brought the Focusing Iris to Dalaran for safe-keeping. The few remaining blue dragons went their separate ways, dissolving the blue dragonflight. Kalec, abolishing his previous position,[25] stayed in Dalaran as a member of the Kirin Tor, and began a romance with Jaina.

However, after a while, he saw distrust from other magi, so he often found excuses to be away from the city.[26]

Theramore's Fall[]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

Kalecgos, along with Rhonin and Jaina Proudmoore, are present inside the mage tower at Theramore's Fall. He will aid Jaina, if she is attacked by the Horde.

Dawn of the Aspects[]

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As tradition Kalecgos joined the other former aspects at the Wyrmrest Temple during a particular cycle of the two moons of Azeroth. However, during the meeting, Kalecgos found himself surprised with how his fellow former aspects preferred to leave the defense of Azeroth to others and grew distressed when they decided to end the Accord a month from the day. In disbelief as the others left the temple, Kalecgos took flight and as he began to leave he senses a magical artifact, which he acquired from the remains of Galakrond. However soon after claiming the artifact, a Spark of Tyr, Kalecgos found himself falling into visions of the past and seeing them through Malygos' eyes.

While these visions allowed him to see the beginning of the Aspects when they were proto-dragons and fought against Galakrond and the Not-living, Kalecgos found that he would wander aimlessly in human and dragon form. Unable to separate himself from the Spark of Tyr Kalecgos decided to attune it to the Nexus in order to ensure no one else would fall prey to it. An action would put the Nexus on lockdown, which shocked Jaina Proudmoore when she tried to check in on him. As Kalecgos further witnessed the threat that Galakrond and the Not-living posed, he found himself growing increasingly mad with at one point becoming convinced he was Malygos.

Ultimately Kalecgos bore witness to the destruction to Galakrond and was subsequently freed by Jaina who discovered that the Spark of Tyr was driving Kalec mad and used her spell work to break the wards around the Nexus. With Tyr's artifact in hand Kalecgos called for the former Aspects to gather and used it to remind the others that they were capable of great things together even before they had their powers and that they could still do so again in this new age. Agreeing with him they decided to continue moving forward to help the world in the new age. They also revealed that they encouraged the myth about Galakrond being the father of dragons in order to prevent others from following down his dark path and swore Kalecgos to secrecy.[27]

War Crimes[]

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Kalecgos accompanied Jaina, Vereesa and the Alliance leaders to the trial of Garrosh Hellscream. He stayed with Jaina throughout the trial but tension grew between them as he couldn't bring himself to deal with her rancor and he felt that she was clinging to her hatred. These tensions begin to fracture their relationship until during the final days of the trial in which Jaina, finding some measure of peace, prevented Kalec from leaving and kissed him in front of everyone present renewing their faith in one another. After Garrosh's escape, chaos erupted in the arena. Kalec battled against the mad Kalecgos from an alternate timeline. Kalec defeated his crazy counterpart by saying that it was not his fault that in his world he was not able to stop Jaina from destroying Orgrimmar that erupted into total war which killed all the blue dragons and the alternative Kalecgos' Jaina. Able to convince his counterpart to listen and contemplate his words caused the Mad Kalecgos to vanish. After the battle, he quickly went to dying Jaina and watched her resurrection by Chi-Ji and they immediately hugged one another.[28]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
Kalecgos HS

Kalecgos in Dalaran.

While Jaina has left Dalaran, Kalec has remained and become a member of the Council of Six, the six rulers of the city, taking Jaina's place on the council.[7] He first appeared as part of the Council when moving Dalaran from above Deadwind Pass to the Broken Isles. He later votes yes to re-accepting Aethas Sunreaver back into the Kirin Tor. Kalec then joins the Tirisgarde.[4] He sends his projection to various missions.

Kalec also directs adventurers seeking weapons of power to now-abandoned Nexus, where the blue dragonflight locked it away after the Kirin Tor entrusted it to them several years before. They discover that the ethereals of the Ethereum seek the blue dragons' artifacts to become void.[29]

When Vargoth is revealed to have ties with the Empyrean Society, a group of mages researching fel, Kalec notes that he has seen Vargoth behaving oddly.[30] As Vargoth has been absent for a while, the Conjuror of the Tirisgarde takes a look through his room in the Violet Citadel alongside Kalec and discovers his journal, within which they find notes about the Inv icon shadowcouncilorb purple [Nightborne Soulstone], which can channel the power of the souls captured within it.[31]

In Azsuna, Kalecgos helps Senegos empower adventurers' artifacts with the Spell shaman maelstromweapon [Heart of Zin-Azshari].

Kalec participated in the Battle for the Exodar battling against High General Rakeesh, alongside Archmage Modera.

Deaths of Chromie[]

Seeking leads on who wants her dead, Chromie asked Kalecgos if he's noticed anything suspicious and he mentions that he has felt ley-line disturbance at the Azure Dragonshrine.

Before the Storm[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

On one late evening, Kalec walked through the streets of Dalaran. During his stroll, Kalec recalled the events that caused his love, Jaina Proudmoore, to leave the Kirin Tor and also end their relationship. Though he could have demanded an explanation or confronted her about her sudden departure, he loved and respected her enough to understand that she needed time to work through her issues. In the meantime, Kalec distracted himself with the affairs of the Kirin Tor. Though he could have traveled to see old friends like Kirygosa, he wanted to remain in Dalaran in case Jaina returned. To Kalec's surprise, Jaina met with him during his visit to the Antonidas Memorial. Kalec was glad to see her and Jaina congratulated Kalec on becoming a member of the Council of Six. Kalec thanked her for her commendation but said he would gladly abdicate his office if she returned to Dalaran. However, Jaina refused. Though Jaina admitted she didn't know where else to go, she knew that she didn't belong in the Kirin Tor anymore. Jaina stated she didn't agree with the Kirin Tor's decision to readmit the Horde and that was the type of person the Horde has made her. As Kalec moved to comfort Jaina, Jaina confessed that she didn't like how hate has changed her but she doesn't know if she can be anything else anymore. Though her experiences have taught her what to hate and not want, she also has no idea what calms her anymore or have any positive aspirations. Jaina thinks that all she's done since Theramore's Fall was reacting and she feels frustrated that she can't seem to get herself out of that rut. Kalec apologized for being unable to help her in her struggles but Jaina admitted that only she can help herself. Jaina told Kalec she wasn't leaving because of the vote, but rather to figure out how to be true to her own nature. Kalec told her she'll work out her issues and that she'll find that when she rediscovers herself again, he's certain she won't find anything ugly or cruel. Kalec told Jaina that peace is a noble goal for the world but it is also a noble goal for one's self. Kalec promised her that should she ever need him, he'll be there. Kalec and Jaina kissed each other goodbye before Jaina portalled herself away.

Kalecgos later sent a message to Anduin Wrynn about Jaina's visit to him and informed him she will be unavailable for the foreseeable future. He also noted that he believes she will be calmer and well balanced when she returns from her retreat.[32]

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.
In the Shadow of Crimson Wings

Vexiona stunning Kalecgos and Alexstrasza.

After the green dragonflight called for aid to protect the Emerald Dream against terrible creatures of the void, Kalecgos sought to recruit champions from the Chamber of Heart. He remarked to them that by aiding Merithra of the Dream against this threat, she would, in turn, empower the Inv heartofazeroth [Heart of Azeroth] with the strength of the green dragonflight.[33]

With the Heart of Azeroth empowered by the powers of the black and green dragonflights by Ebyssian and Merithra,[34][35] Kalecgos was convinced that it was only a matter of time before the other dragonflights helped empower the Heart of Azeroth. Thus to that end, he reached out to the other aspects and found it odd when Alexstrasza remained silent while these powers had manifested. Fearing that she was in trouble, Kalecgos directed champions to come with him to the Vermillion Redoubt within the Twilight Highlands.[36]

After Kalecgos discovered that Alexstrasza and the red dragonflight were under attack by twilight dragonflight led by Vexiona, he and his allies joined the fight against the twilight dragons. As the twilight dragons were beaten back, Vexiona sought to flee but was ultimately confronted outside of Grim Batol by Alexstrasza, Kalecgos, and the champion. During the fight, Vexiona implored Alexstrasza and Kalecgos to join her and in the face of their rejection, Vexiona trapped them in stasis. However, the champion was able to free the former aspects and subsequently forced Vexiona to flee from the battlefield. With the red dragonflight now saved Kalecgos bore witness to Alexstrasza's vow to empower the Heart of Azeroth.[37]

Deciding it was time to empower the Heart of Azeroth with the essence of the blue dragonflight, Kalecgos revealed to champions that the Kirin Tor had discovered the Inv misc monsterscales 09 [Charged Scale of the Blue Aspect] atop of the Nexus. After champions claimed the scale, Kalecgos revealed that dragonflight trusted them with this power because they believe that the champions shall be the ones to save Azeroth.[38] Kalecgos then joined Merithra, Alexstrasza, Ebyssian, and Chromie in empowering the Heart of Azeroth.[39]

Sometime after N'Zoth was freed, Ebonhorn nearly succumbed to its whispers and would have been killed by MOTHER without Magni's intervention. Seeking to save Ebonhorn, Magni called on heroes to venture to the Chamber of Heart.[40] Under the advice of Kalecgos, the hero sought out Wrathion in order save Ebonhorn.[41] Though unable to meet with Wrathion, heroes did acquire a potion of his creation that they used to save Ebonhorn.[42]

The Vow Eternal[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Kalec was among those who attended the wedding of Lor'themar Theron and Thalyssra. During the reception he was informed by Taelia Fordragon that Jaina was unable to attend as a result of Kul Tiras dealing with pirates, he also spoke briefly spoke with Wrathion. Following Wrathion's confrontation with the wedding crasher Kurog Grimtotem, who Kalec briefly held Wrathion back from fully attacking, Kalec sought out Wrathion in order to reassure him that he was in the right. The pair then spoke with one another about their respective flights past, how neither were Deathwing or Malygos, and Kalec expressed regret at his decision to disband the blue dragonflight. After experiencing a mysterious malaise, the pair ventured to Alexstrasza at the Wyrmrest Temple for answers, where she informed them that the Dragon Isles had awakened.[43]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.
Khadgar and Kalecgos - Tempest Unleashed

Kalecgos and Khadgar in the Guardian's Library.

Dragonflight reveal - Kalecgos

Kalecgos in the Dragon Isles.

After Raszageth was freed from her imprisonment on the Forbidden Reach, Wrathion went to inform the Aspects and asked who she was. Alexstrasza explained that she was one of the Primal Incarnates, ancient enemies of the Aspects from long ago who wish to wipe the world clean of the titans' "stain", and was now seeking to free her fellow Incarnates from their prison. After learning this information, Kalec traveled to Karazhan to inform Khadgar, who agreed to rally the mortal races.

Kalecgos Meets Sindragosa Simulacrum

Kalecgos Meets Sindragosa Simulacrum.

Kalecgos traveled to the Azure Span on the Dragon Isles, seeking to reactivate the Azure Oathstone, the symbol of the blue dragons' vow to protect magic. There he met a simulacrum of Sindragosa, who asked him where the rest of the flight was, and Kalec explained how the flight was disbanded and they had all gone their separate ways. After helping the local tuskarr from the Iskaara tribe fight off the Brackenhide gnolls, then spending time with them and seeing how they celebrate the lives of the dead instead of mourning them, Kalec put out a magical call to any blue dragons who were listening to gather at the Azure Span.[44] The dragons arrived just in time to save Kalecgos from Raszageth who had planned to destroy the Azure Span's ley lines,[45] and as Kalec restored the Azure Oathstone he declared the blue dragonflight - his family - renewed.[46]

Following this, Kalecgos traveled to Valdrakken within Thaldraszus in order to inform the other aspects of what had transpired.[47] In the subsequent meeting, Kalecgos revealed that while Raszageth was fended off her storms still persisted around the Vakthros' tower. In return, Alexstrasza voiced her confusion on the matter as the other Primal Incarnates were not imprisoned within the Azure Span and wondered what else she could be after, turning to Nozdormu for insight. However, he revealed that his vision was still clouded and remarked that for all he knew, the Primalists could be within Valdrakken. Thus the aspects decided that they had to protect their home and search out any Primalists within the city.[48] A wise precaution as Captain Drine and the adventurer discovered that Primalists had infiltrated into the city and were seeking to create discontent against the Aspects.[49]

Sometime later Alexstrasza decided to show their mortal allies the Silver Scale, that Tyr had left in their possession long ago, which served as a symbol of unity and friendship to the dragonflights. However, as she revealed to it, he noted that it pulsed with magic, which was a surprise to her and Nozdormu, who thought it was an example of the scale simply changing in their absence. However, Alexstrasza believed that their return to the Dragon Isles had awakened the scale, that Tyr had left them on the last enigma for them to investigate. Thus she directed Watcher Koranos and adventurers with venturing to Tyrhold for answers.[50]

As the pair investigated, they ultimately awaken the magic within Tyrhold by placing the scale within and subsequently used the scale to draw out the secrets about the place.[50][51] They ultimately created a spark, whose creation was felt by Kalecgos, who shared it with his fellow aspects, and the trio departed from Valdrakken to join the pair at Tyrhold.[52] After witnessing a memory of Tyr's departure from the original five aspects, Kalecgos reflected that he didn't know about their races' history and that the scale Tyr had left behind was powerful.[53] After Alexstrasza expressed her hope that Tyr would be proud of their accomplishments and that "dragonkind thrives", the group would be stunned when the spark reacted to that statement and revealed a message from Tyr directing them to reactivate the forge within Tyrhold, while revealing that the Silver Scale was the key.[51] Following this deed being done, the silver scale was placed within the forge, where to the shock of all present it had forged a new lifeless body of Tyr, himself. Though noting that the body didn't have the spark of life, Alexstrasza couldn't help but be overcome with gratitude that a long-lost friend had been returned to them, and expressed that they must do what they could to restore his true self.[52]

After Raszageth broke into the Vault of the Incarnates to free her fellow Primal Incarnates, Kalecgos, Khadgar, and adventurers were sent into the vault to stop her by Alexstrasza, while she and Nozdormu planned for whatever was to come.[54] While the group was able to kill Raszageth, they were unable to prevent her from freeing her siblings, and the group was forced to flee, with Kalecgos and Khadgar immediately returning to Valdrakken. After they had shared what transpired, Nozdormu found that his vision was still clouded but sensed a dark future was coming, which causes Alexstrasza to reflect that Raszageth's reckless haste had caused her death and that the other Incarnates would not make the same mistake. Khadgar noticed that they were particularly concerned with Iridikron's release over the others, causing the pair to reveal that while Fyrakk and Vyranoth were loyal to the Primalists ideals, it was Iridikron who had truly devoted himself to the war, striking dark bargains to do so. However, Kalecgos rallied them together by reminding them that only together do they have a chance at victory. Thus the group vowed to move forward together as one against the Incarnates and were determined to protect Azeroth.[55]

Embers of Neltharion[]

After the Incarnates opened the way into the Zaralek Cavern, Alexstrasza called upon Ebyssian, Sabellian, Wrathion, and the adventurer to enter and deal with Fyrakk. During this meeting, Kalecgos noticed that Alexstrasza was unsettled and remarked that it a rare to see her as such. He also stated that it was the best chance they had to continue growing their ranks and stated his belief that there were still members of the his flight out in Azeroth.[56] He was present when the group returned and learned that Fyrakk had consumed Shadowflame and bore witness to Alexstrasza initially barring the black dragonflight from returning, unwillingly to risk losing them, before Ebyssian convinced her that they had the strength to resist what lies below.[57]

Meanwhile, as he continued to search for the remaining members of the flight, he and Alexstrasza had decided the time to come to put the essences of Malygos and Sindragosa to rest at the Veiled Ossuary, and sent adventurers to help Senegos in cleaning up the area beforehand. As they departed he recalled how the pair had suffered violent deaths and that putting their remaining essences to rest was the least they could do.[58] After they arrived, Alexstrasza gave him the honor of putting them to rest, only to then witness their memories reanimate.[59] After the memories manifested, Kalecgos found himself walking towards the last Memory of a Master and declared that both Malygos and Sindragosa deserves better. He and Alexstrasza left the area leaving the task of dealing with the memories to Senegos and Stellagosa, while he continued the hunt for the rest of his flight.[60] After the memories were dispelled, the pair returned to Kalec at the Azure Archives, where more of the flight had arrived in their absence.[61] Kalecgos further confirmed that many others had informed him of their plans to make their way to the Isles, but was concerned that Azuregos had ignored all his attempts to contact him. Thus he, the simulacrum of Sindragosa (who was able to the distance due to the oathstone being empowered) and adventurers traveled to the Nexus, where they were met with a rude welcome as memories were attacking all over the place.[62]

Azuregos quickly pulled back and apologized to Sindragosa, while learning that she knew of him from Kalecgos. Curious as to how he had been described, Kalec revealed that he had informed Sindragosa that he was a recluse, stubborn, and prone to cutting ties with any who slight him, but trusted him to aid him into being the Aspect the blue dragons deserve. He then pointed out how he had repeatedly called him and while Azuregos may never believe in him, he stated that he needed him to believe in the flight and help them find those who were missing. Azuregos promised to do what he could and aided the group in putting down the memories that had spawned in the area. After the deed was done, Azuregos revealed that he had created a method to find the other dragons.[63]

Kalecgos in the Drunken Hozen

In the Drunken Hozen.

The group then returned to the Archives, where Kalecgos used the Dragon Locator to help the missing members of the flight, and sent adventurers to provide them aid so they could rejoin the rest of the flight. During this time he personally came with them when it came to locating and aiding Kirygosa, who ultimately refused to return to the flight as she was truly happy at Dawn's Blossom in the Jade Forest, and Surigosa, who had traveled the ruins of Theramore while investigating a sect of rogue mages known as the Sullied Banner.[64][65] Though knowing that Azuregos had set off to aid Surigosa, he decided to accompany them in order to provide his aid.[66] The group discovered that the Sullied Banner were attempting to create the Mana bomb that had destroyed Theramore and called for the mages to be subdued instead of killed, which surprised Azuregos who noted that he believed that the encounter with Raszageth would have relieved him of that impulse. However, Kalecgos was adamant and pointed out how every time Malygos intervened in the affairs of mortals, mages died which just continued a cycle of destruction that he had no desire to perpetuate. Though disagreeing with his methods, his fellow dragons agreed to follow his lead. When Azuregos continued to argue the point, Kalec revealed that the Sullied Banner flew the flag of Theramore and were grieving, fearing for their lives, and expressed hope that they could be reasoned with.[67][68]

After the leader of the mages, Turi Flickerflame, was apprehended he questioned her motives, and learned that she and the Sullied Banner were trying to find a means to protect themselves and Turi personally blamed the blue dragonflight for allowing the destruction of Theramore and loss of life that happened. Kalecgos admitted that she was right as they failed to protect the Focusing Iris and Theramore and had failed. He admitted that while nothing he can say can bring back the fallen nor express the regret he feels, he couldn't condone her instructions. However, he offered the chance to move forward and be better than those who came before. He then admitted to wanting to speak with her further about the future she wanted to build for her fellow mages.[69] Following this, he returned to the Archives and once the rest of the blue dragonflight had arrived he declared that they could go back to caring for Azeroth's magic and making sure its power isn't abused. He then started to give a speech speaking of the blue dragonflight as a family, when he was interrupted by a projection of Azuregos who revealed that the memories of Sindragosa and Malygos were destroying the Veiled Ossuary.[70] He subsequently opened a portal, allowing adventurers and other members of the flight to deal with the latter, while he remained behind to monitor the situation.[71]

Recognizing that the violent deaths that Malygos and Sindragosa experienced had left them stranded in their final moments, Azuregos and the others recovered their essences and brought them back to Kalec at the Azure Archives.[72] Kalecgos subsequently thanked the group for their efforts and revealed that he and the simulacrum of Sindragosa had devised a plan, though it was a dangerous one.[73] Working together as one, the blue dragonflight used the arcane energy within the Azure Archives to break the loop of death that Malygos and Sindragosa had found themselves trapped in, where Kalecgos subsequently found himself fighting Malygos, while adventures clashed against Sindragosa. After being defeated, the pair were properly soothed and released from their torment, and Malygos formally apologized to Kalecgos and declared that the burden as Aspect should not be his to bear. However, Kalec countered that Malygos hadn't left a burden but a brilliant legacy that he and the flight will carry onward. After witnessing the spirits peacefully pass on to the afterlife, Kalec was approached by the simulacrum who revealed that her work was done, for now, and vanished as well, causing him to formally thank her for everything.[74]

In the aftermath, Senegos decided that the time had come for his long life to end at last and the blue dragonflight watched as he gave one last flight. When Stellagosa asked what they were to do now, Kalec responded that they would strengthen the bonds of their flight by celebrating all those who came before and that the Archives were their new home. He further declared that he would be there for them, if they ever had need of him.[75] Adventures wielding Stave 2h tarecgosa e 01stagefinal [Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest], were then approached by Kalec who recalled how he had bound the soul of Tarecgosa to the staff to prolong her time on Azeroth. However, he knew that the time had come to give Tarecgosa her final rest place. Thus, the pair enacted a ritual to siphon her essence from the staff and shared a final goodbye with Tarecgosa as she departed.[76]

Dragonflight Aspects

Kalecgos and his fellow Aspects.

In the aftermath of Ebyssian being selected as the new Aspect of the black dragonflight, Alexstrasza declared that the threat of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible had been quailed and had made them grow stronger, while declaring that soon Azeroth would welcome a symbol hope from the Emerald Dream and that they would protect it. After this declaration, Kalec reflected that while their troubles were far from over, but for the first time since the Primal Incarnates were released, he felt hope that they would succeed. He further stated that his family was more than just his flight, but also his fellow Aspects, their flights, and even the adventures themselves.[77]

In time, Nozdormu felt the energy that transcends time in the Silver Scale and believed that this would enable them to collect memories that Tyr did not implement on the scale. Thus Kalecgos accompanied him to Tyrhold, where they would send adventurers and Watcher Koranos to the Tomb of Tyr to acquire whatever memories were present. After obtaining memories and witnessing Tyr's final moments, they returned to the Aspects and uploaded the memories. However, the copy of Tyr only briefly moved before shutting down once more. While Nozdormu was dismayed at this, Kalec believed that their still avenues to explore and that a new path would become clear to them.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Chamber of the Guardian 110 40,200
Dalaran 110 12,056
Dragonblight 110 456,800
Suramar 110 798,856
The Exodar 100 - 110 917,645
N [45] The Day That Chromie Dies 112 195,586
Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Magister's Terrace 76 - 83 4,886
Kalecgos (tactics) ?? 2,523,010
Sunwell Plateau ?? 7,588
Dragonblight 82 2,828,747
Azshara ?? 219,000
Borean Tundra 85 4,679
Mount Hyjal ?? 5,087,000
Dragon Soul ?? 467,900
Madness of Deathwing ?? 5,181,000
Theramore's Fall ?? 436,136,992
Kalecgos Dragonflight

In Dragonflight.


Bc icon This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

He provides the quest providing attunement to heroic Magisters' Terrace. The quest chain is available at neutral reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive.

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
Removed from game The subject of this section was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 4.0.1.
Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.


Visage Day[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
  • "There are any number of reasons for selecting a particular form. The Aspects command the respect of our flights, and of mortals as well, so their guises serve a necessary function. They need to be elaborate and formal because that is what we expect of them. Yes? While many of my flight follow the example of the Aspects, I seek to walk beside the mortals as an equal. I chose a visage that is half-human and half-elf: a blend of mortal worlds, as I try to be a blend of our world and theirs. I didn't want my appearance to remind them of a dragon. I wanted them to see me as a friend, a peer, someone they can trust. I would say that was the heart of my choice and my identity, Chronormu: I chose to be approachable."

The Burning Crusade[]

Bc icon This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Magisters' Terrace[]

Kalecgos Mortal Form

Kalecgos in his mortal form, prior to Dragonflight.

(As he flies over from Sunwell Plateau) Be still, mortals, and hearken to my words.

Do not be frightened, <race>. Our ends are the same.

Gossip Who are you?

I am Kalecgos, of the Blue Dragonflight. I have watched over the nascent powers of the Sunwell for some time, but now I see that its terrible power could usher in the end of our world!

Gossip What can we do to assist you?

Defeating Kael'thas is a task worthy of your undivided attention.
Beyond that, if you are capable of organizing an army, there are many wrongs in the Sunwell to be addressed.
Perhaps we shall meet again there.

Gossip What brings you to the Sunwell?

A friend and I have come to rescue a young human woman from the clutches of the Legionlord, Kil'jaeden and his vile minions.
We've discovered that Kael'thas is trying to summon Kil'jaeden from the depths of the Sunwell itself.
For the sake of this world - this cannot come to pass! I am committed to seeing that it does not.

Gossip You're not alone here?

Madrigosa accompanied me on this journey, but we have become separated in the Sunwell. May fate keep her safe.

Gossip What would Kil'jaeden want with a mortal woman?

Anveena is no mere mortal, <race>. Those who recognize her true nature stop at nothing to possess her. She once rescued me, and now I intend to return the favor.
  • There is no time to waste!
  • Kil'jaeden must be destroyed!
  • The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Sunwell Plateau[]

Main article: Kalecgos (tactics)#Quotes
Main article: Felmyst#Quotes
Main article: Kil'jaeden (tactics)#Quotes

Night of the Dragon[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
  • You don't understand, draenei! Anveena never had a true life to give! Her entire existence was a conjurer's trick! His trick! Anveena wasn't human; she wasn't even mortal! She was the very essence of the high elves' Sunwell, their fount of power! She was pure magic manipulated into playing at life so well that she thought she actually breathed, actually had a heart.

Wrath of the Lich King[]

Wrath-Logo-Small The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft but is present in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.
Greetings, <race>. I sense some confusion at my presence here. The others harbor suspicion as well, and I cannot blame them, after what my brethren have put them through.
Much has happened since the events at the Sunwell, little of it good. And so it falls to me to pick up the pieces, and attempt to salvage the pride of my flight. There is much to say, and more to do, but know this: Not all in the Blue Dragonflight blame the mortal races of Azeroth for the troubles that have befallen the world.
Some of us have more sense than that.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
  • You seemed troubled.
  • What brings you to me mortal?
  • Speak freely friend.
  • Something about you seems... familiar.

Stave 2h tarecgosa e 01stagefinal [Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest][]

Notable Dialogue
Main article: Emergency Extraction#Notes
Main article: Alignment (quest)#Notes
Main article: The Stuff of Legends#Notes
Amber Ledge

Ahh, it is good to see you again, <race>.


There is no time to waste, friend.

My flight is in disarray and is in desperate need of leadership.

During N [35D] Actionable Intelligence and N [35] Delegation
Gossip My vision in the Eye of Eternity haunts me, Kalecgos. What do you make of it?
There is a great deal at stake within the blue dragonflight, <class>.
Arygos aspires to follow in the footsteps of his father, renewing the misguided aggression against all who wield magic. This path, I feel, would lead to the end of our kind.
The remnants of our flight are divided on this fateful issue, and I fear that Arygos will stop at nothing to meet his ends...
Gossip Who is Tarecgosa? I could not have made it through the Nexus without her.
<Wistfully, Kalecgos looks off to the horizon.>
Tarecgosa is... special to me.
When she was but a hatchling, I was charged with her protection and education. Over the millennia, we have forged a special bond, not unlike what you would call siblings.
Tarecgosa was born under a special sign that foretold a great destiny. If the prophecies are true, then her survival is of vital importance to the blue dragonflight, and to Azeroth itself.
Our affinity for one another is well known within the remnants of our flight. If your vision recounted an event that has actually taken place, she could be in grave danger.
Greeting (During N [35] Emergency Extraction and N [35] At One)
Oh... Tarecgosa...

Dragon Soul[]

Main article: Wyrmrest Summit
Main article: Ultraxion#Quotes
Main article: Madness of Deathwing#Quotes

Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
  • Malygos chose to understand that he was the ultimate minder of magic. Because he disapproved of how others were choosing to manage magic, he decided to recover it all for himself and his flight alone—that only they could appreciate and value it. I choose to regulate, manage, and control my own magic. To lead by example. To encourage others to appreciate and value it. Because, Kinndy—if you truly appreciate and value something, then you wish to manage it well. You don't want to hoard it; you want to share it. And that was how I chose to be the minder of magic in this world. Now I am merely the flight's leader. I am no longer an Aspect. And in this new role, believe me, I more than welcome aid from the Kirin Tor and anyone else who is willing to help."[78]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
  • The blue dragonflight has always represented magic on Azeroth, and it is fitting that we work together against the Burning Legion now more than ever. I would be honored to fight for you as your champion in these dark times.[4]
Dalaran and early Hall of the Guardian gossip

Good to see you, friend.

Hall of the Guardian gossip

Our chances against the Burning Legion are grim at best. However there is still hope, especially with experienced mages such as yourself on our side!

Combat ally[]

  • Feel the wrath of Kalecgos!
  • Tremble before me!


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Main article: Planning the Assault#Notes
Main article: Preparing to Move#Notes
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Main article: Balance of Power (quest)#Notes
Main article: Dispersion of the Discs#Notes



Azure Archives apex

We'll need to hurry if we're going to fix this place and repower the oathstone.

During the Blue Dragonflight questline

The Azure Archives will be the new home of the blue dragonflight, thanks to your aid.

Alternate timeline[]

In an alternate timeline, Kalecgos and Go'el were unable to stop Jaina from destroying Orgrimmar, resulting in an open war that had many casualties such as Jaina herself and almost the entirety of the blue dragonflight leaving only the mad Kalecgos. After Garrosh Hellscream escaped from his trial, the mad Kalecgos was teleported to the Temple and immediately began attacking everyone he could see. He lacked any strategy. At one moment he targeted Baine Bloodhoof only to be stopped by Kalecgos from the main universe as he draw his attention to him. The two dragons fought, the mad dragon wanting to be killed, but eventually, the main universe Kalecgos was able to explain his alternate self that the deaths was that had erupted after Jaina destroyed Orgrimmar wasn't his fault but Jaina's as well as Anveena's decision. With this knowledge, the mad Kalecgos' face relaxed and returned to his timeline. According to Baine, Kairoz selected the most broken and darkest versions.[79]

In Hearthstone[]

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.
  • Kalecgos appears as a legendary card for the mage class in the Rise of Shadows expansion for Hearthstone. His flavor text reads: "He was once the Aspect of Magic but gave it up to focus on cheap tricks."
  • Due to a lack of available Malygos art at the time, Kalecgos' TCG artwork from the Battle of the Aspects set was used for Malygos' Hearthstone card, which was present in the game long before Kalecgos himself was added.[80]

Notes and trivia[]

  • In his sanctum in the Nexus, there is a magical fountain that he created.[81]
  • Kalec appears to dislike spiders.[82]
  • An epic off-hand item called the Inv offhand outlandraid 02 [Talisman of Kalecgos] that is shaped like the head of a blue dragon.
  • Kalec is friends with the murloc Ergll, and works with Teemo.
  • Kalecgos is also referenced to by Arcanist Vandril in Tranquillien. Apparently, the town is awaiting word from him. Interestingly, Vandril calls him 'Kalecgos', rather than 'Kalec', his mortal alias; specifically, Vandril says, "At this rate I'm going to pace a rut into the road. I hope the messenger from Kalecgos arrives soon."
  • Kalecgos is the dragon to take up the crown of Aspect of the Blue Dragonflight, much to Arygos' displeasure.
  • In cinematics featured in the Dragon Soul raid, Kalecgos is seen wearing shoulder armor similar to the Frostfire Regalia; his in-game model, however, lacks them.
  • Kalecgos is the first Aspect to have succeeded another, and the first one who was not empowered by the titans themselves. He is later joined in this by Ebyssian and Merithria, who replace Deathwing and Ysera respectively.
  • He wields a Inv weapon shortblade 101 [Bleak Coldarra Carver] and a Inv offhand 1h pvpcataclysms3 c 01 [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Endgame] as a Tirisgarde champion.
  • Kalecgos was voiced by Carlos Larkin until Dragonflight. Starting with Dragonflight he is voiced by Andrew Russell.



Patch changes[]

  • Dragonflight Patch 10.0.0 (2022-10-25): Humanoid model updated.
  • Legion Hotfix (2017-06-06): Kalec will remain visible in the Mage Class Hall while the player is on or eligible for any of the class mount quests, even if he has been sent on a mission.
  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Added in the Legion version of Dalaran.
  • Bc icon Patch 2.4.0 (2008-03-25): Added in the Magisters' Terrace and Sunwell Plateau.


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