For the island name that would eventually become the night elf world tree, see Teldrassil#Kalidar.

Overview of the Kalidar battleground.

Kalidar battleground satellite map.

Kalidar was a planned battleground for the original World of Warcraft that never made it to live. It had a Warcraft III multiplayer and/or MOBA-style design, with three separate lanes in a forested area with a coloration similar to the Felwood seen in A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow.


The battleground contained a human barracks and an orcish stronghold on each side. Separating them were three main paths, with other neutral buildings spread throughout the area: a scout tower in its center, a goblin laboratory close to the tower, three mine entrances (one in each path), two small moonwells, and several forest troll huts.


  • Like the iterations of Azshara Crater, the Kalidar map was also used to test two other battlegrounds:
    • One with a tileset similar to Elwynn Forest, where a guard tower opposed a scout tower, with two mine entrances and a currently-unused castle set-piece in the center.
    • One similar to a smaller Alterac Valley, where a dwarven keep opposed an orcish barracks (each flanked by two towers), with two ice caves (one with a troll village and a moonwell in front of it) and a version of the Field of Strife in the center.