Kamsis (quest)

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Start Gradav
End Kamsis
Level 70 (Requires 70)
Category Karazhan
Reputation +10 The Violet Eye
Previous N [70] In Good Hands
Next N [70R] The Shade of Aran

See Nightbane quest chain for a summary of this quest chain.


Speak to Kamsis at the Guardian's Library in Karazhan.


Journal, what journal? You're thinking of Kamsis, surely.

Go and ask her about it. I can't leave my project right now or all my work will be wasted!


You will receive:


The journal you speak of... I was sent here to look for it wasn't I?


The Guardian's Library is the large hall after Curator. The mobs here will auto-clear some time after the Shade of Aran has been defeated.


This is part of the Nightbane quest chain:

  1. N [70R] Medivh's Journal
  2. N [70] In Good Hands
  3. N [70] Kamsis
  4. N [70R] The Shade of Aran
  5. N [70R] The Master's Terrace
  6. N [70] Digging Up the Past
  7. N [70] A Colleague's Aid
  8. N [70D] Kalynna's Request
  9. N [70R] Nightbane

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