AllianceKang Bramblestaff
Start Xiao [84.1, 21.0]
End Kang Bramblestaff [67.4, 32.7]
Level 15-35
Category Krasarang Wilds
Experience 6940
Rewards 94s
Previous N [15-35] The Search for the Hidden Master
Next A [15-35] Squirmy Delight
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [15-35] Kang Bramblestaff.


Find Kang Bramblestaff.


Kang's pride regularly becomes overconfidence, which often leads him down dangerous paths. His current path is as dangerous as any - he is headed deep into the Krasarang Wilds.

I wouldn't normally ask a favor of a stranger, but... would you make sure that he is well? It would give me relief to know that a brave <race> was looking out for him.


You will receive: 94s


  • 6940 XP


I'm pretty sure this settlement wasn't here a few weeks ago. Where did these people come from?


Pick up N [15-35] Ken-Ken, N [15-35] Clever Ashyo, and N [15-35] Lin Tenderpaw before heading out. These quests will not be quickly completed, as they all lead to other zones, so focus instead on the quests around Pang's Stead with N [15-35] Low Turnip Turnout.

Kang can be found at The Incursion in the Krasarang Wilds. Players will be sent there after shoring up the Zhu Province in A [15-35] Into the Wilds.



  1. N [15-35] The Search for the Hidden Master
  2. Complete all of:

Quest chain:

Optional breadcrumb: A [15-35] Kang Bramblestaff

  1. A [15-35] The Arcanic Oubliette
  2. A [15-35] The Lost Dynasty & A [15-35] Blind Them! & A [15-35] Squirmy Delight
  3. Complete all of:
  4. A [15-35] Immortality?

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