Not to be confused with Karg Bloodfury or Karg Skullgore.
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Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Shaman
Affiliation(s) Horde
Location Stonetalon Mountains
Status Unknown
Companion(s) Helda
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Karg is an orc shaman who traveled with Helda through the Stonetalon Mountains where he felt that the oldest mountains in the world have strong spirits. They were headed to Thunder Bluff in order to learn with the tauren who had taught him. On their way, they were surrounded by five Grimtotem clan tauren. Karg greeted them in Taur-ahe, but they attacked them, saying that the Elder Crone welcomed them to the Stonetalons.[1]