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Kattik Sharktasted
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Gender Male
Race Tuskarr
Occupation Catch master
Status Unknown
Companion(s) At least one assistant
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Kattik Sharktasted is the catch master for Taruka's clan of tuskarr. He retired from daily fishing when he lost his right eye, a hand, and a leg to a shark, hence his surname. His eyebrows are twice as bushy as anyone else's, and lack of cleaning has made his tusks so yellow that the etched clan and family symbols can't be seen. Everything about Kattik is huge, from his eyebrows, tusks, and moustache to his sense of self-importance. He regularly exchanges insults with the butcher Larati; according to her, the catch master dislikes anything new or young.

When Taruka returned to the clan's camp one afternoon with a catch of seven spotted yellowtail, Kattik gave her only one knot as a reward, claiming that the fish were small and three had early gill rot, before gesturing at her to move along so he could look at Onaaka's much bigger catch.

Kattik accompanied the rest of his clan to Kamagua. He and the catch masters from the other clans gathered along the town's jetty to witness when Taruka arrived with a strange vessel/catch—a huge sea monster she'd slain on her voyage through Lyquokk Strait. Taruka singled out Kattik in the crowd and noted that he looked smaller somehow. She proclaimed that she didn't think her latest catch had any gill rot and jovially asked him how many knots it was worth.[1]