Kearnen's Journal

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This item was provided as an objective for A Rogue [24] Klaven's Tower.


Kearnen's Journal

The guards of this tower seem to be especially weak to my attacks. As I was scouting the backside of the tower, a patroller spotted me and attacked. I was able to easily dispatch the guard with a timely gouge followed by a backstab.

I waited in hiding for her partner to come investigate the commotion. The patroller came towards the bushes where I had dragged the corpse and began a search. Slowly, carefully, I crept up behind him, not wanting my ambush to be discovered.

When the opportunity was made available, I thrust my dagger into his backside! His lungs quickly gave way under the force of the attack as his corpse hit the ground with a dull thud.

It had been such a fast and violent ambush that the poor fool did not even have the time to scream in pain. Curiously, when I removed the blade from his backside, a foul odor leaked out of the perforated patroller.

It would appear that whatever it is that Klaven has locked away in the chest is having adverse effects upon the inhabitants of the tower. I suspect that the other guards may have similar weaknesses and perhaps, even Klaven himself has fallen victim to the fallout.

Agent Amber Kearnen
SI:7 Ground Level Operative, R8

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