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AllianceKedehern Falamar
Image of Kedehern Falamar
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Paladin
Affiliation(s) Knights of the Silver Hand, Stormwind
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Brogan (father), Aodhan (brother), Crevan (uncle)
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Kedehern Falamar was the son of Brogan and brother of Aodhan. He chose to become a paladin of the Silver Hand, something his father approved of, ten years before the start of the Nexus War. Two years after obtaining the rank, Kedehern died during a battle at the borders of Quel'Thalas against forest troll warbands raiding settlements. His Silver Hand masters brought Kedehern's armor back to his father, and he was considered a hero.[1]


  • The story of troll warbands raiding settlements at the border of Quel'Thalas was first mentioned in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Game Manual.
  • Using the Nexus War as the reference point, Kedehern was promoted as a full paladin in 16 ADP and was killed in 18 ADP.