NeutralKeeper Raynae
Image of Keeper Raynae
Gender Female
Race Forest nymph (Humanoid)
Level 10-45 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Val'sharah
Status Alive

Keeper Raynae is a forest nymph located in Val'sharah.


Relevant items
Inv fish mossgillperchgreen.png [Mossgill Perch]
10 Corrupted Globule
Inv misc thornnecklace.png [Drowned Thistleleaf]
25 Corrupted Globule
Inv fishing innards bones.png [Rotten Fishbone]
25 Corrupted Globule
Ability hunter pet worm.png [Nightmare Nightcrawler]
25 Corrupted Globule
70 professions scroll 02.png [Recipe: Feast of the Fishes]
50 Corrupted Globule
Ability druid improvedtreeform.png [Crate of Bobbers: Face of the Forest]
100 Corrupted Globule



I seek to cleanse the waters here.

Buy Do you have something for sale?

Gossip How can I help? No doubt you've already been fighting back the monstrosities that invade our forest. But if we could extract the more... viscous... corruption from the water itself, that would be a great victory as well! I suggest trying a fishing pole.

Gossip if you have  [Corrupted Globule]

Looks like I found some of this disgusting globby stuff you wanted.

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