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The Keepers create the seal on Atul'Aman. (From left to right: Vorrik, Sulthis, and Korthek.)

The Keepers were a trio of the most powerful sethrakKorthek, Sulthis, and Vorrik — charged with sealing the corpse of Mythrax the Unraveler within Atul'Aman after he was defeated by the sethrak's loa Sethraliss.[1] Sulthis was the first Keeper, but despite his immense power, he couldn't create the barrier alone and sought out Korthek and Vorrik for their help. They agreed, and so the Keepers were formed, and together they sealed off Atul'Aman.[1][2][3] To ensure that the tomb remained undisturbed, each Keeper created a key imbued with their power.[2]

Statues of the Keepers were built in Zul'Ahjin. Sethrak traveled from far, and near, to place tokens of their respect and affection at the feet of the statues.[3][4]

Eventually, Korthek grew powerhungry, decided to break the seal on Atul'Aman to use Mythrax to conquer Zandalar, and gathered an army of like-minded sethrak that slaughtered any who opposed them, including Sulthis. Vorrik and his followers, who were still loyal to Sethraliss, were forced into hiding and have been fighting Korthek's forces ever since.[2]