NeutralKeeping Pace
Start Pozzik
End Rizzle's Unguarded Plans
Level 41 (Requires 34)
Category Thousand Needles
Experience 170-1650 XP
Next N [41] Rizzle's Schematics

Keeping Pace is a neutral quest in the contested area Thousand Needles. In this quest, players must steal the plans for the gnome's racecar while one of the goblins creates a diversion. The follow-up quest is called N [41] Rizzle's Schematics.

How to Get This Quest

At Mirage Raceway on the Shimmering Flats in Thousand Needles, talk to Pozzik the goblin, coordinates (80,76). May require some or all of the Goblin Sponsorship quest chain to be completed. Players must have completed N [38] News for Fizzle to receive this quest.


Have Zamek create a diversion, then steal Rizzle's plans for Pozzik on the Shimmering Flats.


First, make sure you know where both Rizzle and Zamek are. Additionally, it is very helpful to have instant quest text on (you can find this in the interface menu - press esc to get to it) - you will need to accept a quest from the plans while Rizzle is distracted.

When you are ready, talk to Zamek and have him start the distraction. Then head over to where Rizzle used to be standing - the plans should be on the floor there. Right click them to read, this will complete this quest and allow you to accept N [41] Rizzle's Schematics. Don't bother reading the quest text, just click "accept" immediately since Rizzle's return will cancel the text and cause you to be unable to get the quest.


The Brassbolts brothers have discovered a new building material, that's the only explanation that makes sense. Their cars have been operating faster than before, but their designs, and all the other data we've gathered from their runs is identical.

What we do know, is that Rizzle Brassbolts has been focused on the plans for this new discovery almost constantly.

Zamek can create a diversion for you, so that you can steal those plans from them.


Scribbled in a hasty, hurried hand, a scroll of notes and designs for the refinement of some raw material.


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