Ken-Ken (quest)

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Start Xiao [84.1, 21.0]
End Ken-Ken [76.2, 7.1]
Level 85 (Requires 86)
Category Krasarang Wilds
Experience 6940
Rewards 94s
Previous N [87] The Search for the Hidden Master
Next N [86] What's Eating Zhu's Watch?


Find Ken-Ken.


So... Ken-Ken. The hozen.

Personally, I'm impressed he's progressed so far in his training. He's got a brain between his ears, which is more than can be said for most of his kind.

He said he was headed east, but, seeing as we're already on the far east side of the valley, I can't imagine he went too far from here. Look for him at Zhu's Watch, in Krasarang Wilds, down the path to the south. See what he's found.


You will receive: 94s


This place... it... it so SAD!

Ken-Ken never seen a place so sad.


  • 6940 XP


Pick up N [87] Clever Ashyo, B [85] Kang Bramblestaff, and N [87] Lin Tenderpaw before heading out. These quests will not be quickly completed, as they all lead to other zones, so focus instead on the quests around Pang's Stead with N [87] Low Turnip Turnout.

Ken-Ken can be found at Zhu's Watch in the Krasarang Wilds. His gossip text:

Ken-Ken meet a few pandaren in his time. He tell you something: they NOT sads.
Now, look at this place! Sad, mopey-dopeys sulking around everywhere.
Where's song and dance? Where's piles of food?
Where's BOOZE, man?!



  1. N [87] The Search for the Hidden Master
  2. Complete all of:

Quest chain: Optional breadcrumb: N [85] Ken-Ken

  1. N [86] What's Eating Zhu's Watch?
  2. N [86] Finding Yi-Mo
  3. N [86] Cheer Up, Yi-Mo
  4. N [86] Tears of Pandaria & N [86] Materia Medica
  5. N [86] Why So Serious?
  6. N [86] Apply Directly to the Forehead
  7. N [86] Zhu's Despair

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