Wooden orc kennels in the Barrens.

Kennels are a form of stables where hounds and wolves are bred and trained. The terms are rather interchangeable and as such kennels will sometimes just be called stables.[1]

First War

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This was the foul hole where the darkwolves were penned. They were bred and trained here from an early age to crave the taste of human flesh, making them savage when in battle. The breeding of faster and stronger wolves had became an art that greatly increased the effectiveness of the Raiders. The training of these creatures demanded specific implements and cages that only the blacksmith could provide.[2]

Third War

WC3RoC-logo.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or its expansion The Frozen Throne.

Their function was replaced by the beastiaries, which housed their own kennels.

World of Warcraft

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The metallic kennels of Orgrimmar.

Orcish kennels can be found in many places such as in the Warsong Lumber Camp, Zeth'Gor and Garrosh's Landing. The Blackrock clan orcs turned Alther's Mill in Redridge mountains into a huge kennel. Finally, Ogunaro Wolfrunner is the kennel master of Orgrimmar, training and selling wolf mounts.

In Vengeance Landing, the Forsaken Pontius had the rank of kennel keeper, using his plaguehounds to sniff out enemy scouts. The Nagrand outpost of Wor'var can potentially be upgraded with a corral dedicated to provide frost wolves mounts for its troops.

Finally, Shannox was the kennel master of the hell hounds of the Firelands.


  • The reverse side of the Karazhan Tower resembled a kennel filled with demonic animals.[3]