Ketya's Hideaway.

Ketya's Hideaway[53.2, 26.2] is a well-defended cave on the Orunai Coast east of Shattrath City in northeastern Talador.

The cave is guarded by three devices:

  • Slowing Ward: Reduces movement speed by 75% in areas marked by a red dotted line
  • Scanner Ward: Fires a beam of energy from the ceiling moving in a 5-yard radius circle around the ward
  • Sentry Wards: Fires a beam that follows intruders inside the 10-yard radius circle marked with a blue line.

The two latter devices, if they hit, will knock off 75% of max health:

  • Ability rogue bloodyeye.png  Detected! — Instant. Hits for 75% health.

The trick is to stay out of the slowing wards at all costs, and run along the outside edge of the sentry ward detection area, getting out of the blue circle before the beam gets too close. Dodge all the traps to reach Ketya's Stash, bathed in a column of light in the back of the cave. The stash contains  [Stonegrinder], a companion pet, a mint-condition version of  [A Steamy Romance Novel: I'm In Love With a Robot], and roughly 60 [Garrison Resources].

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