Khadgar's Whisker

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  • Khadgar's Whisker
  • Crafting Reagent
  • Sell Price: 1s 75c
Khadgar's Whisker

Khadgar's Whisker is an herb that can be gathered with herbalism (160).

XP table

Level range XP gain on Gathering
30 250
31 - 32 ?
33 290
34 310


This item can be found near trees and other decorative plants. Look for it in the Eastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands, Feralas, Cape of Stranglethorn, Arathi Highlands, Dustwallow Marsh, Hinterlands, Desolace, Southern Barrens.

As an ingredient




"Khadgar's Whisker" is named after Archmage Khadgar. Prior to WotLK, alchemist/herbalist characters ended up with a surplus of this herb, and it commanded very low auction house prices on most servers. With the advent of Inscription, and the desirability of  [Jadefire Ink], Khadgar's Whisker goes for a good price on most AHs.

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