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Race Human
Base Unit Mage
Faction Alliance
Hit Points 120 (+100%)
Armor 3 (+3)
Sight 9 (Normal)
Speed 8 (Normal)
Basic Damage 0 (Normal)
Piercing Damage 16 (+78%)
Range 6 (+200%)
Mana 255 Mana
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Khadgar became a great hero in recognition for his valiant service and advice to the kingdom of Azeroth during the First War. On a quest to fathom the awesome magiks required to create the Dark Portal, Khadgar traveled to Dalaran to discuss the origins of the gateway with the mysterious Kirin Tor. Khadgar then returned to Azeroth following the Second War to oversee the ongoing study of the ruined Portal.[1]


Basic attack (does not use Mana)

The Mages of Lordaeron have the ability to discharge lightning from their hands when entering into a melee. These swift bolts of energy strike their victims regardless of any armor they may wear. Being the simplest of nature's forces to command, Lightning requires but a fraction of the caster's mana to employ.[2]

Powerful line attack (costs: 100 Mana, range: 10)

Magiks involving the cardinal elements of the universe are favorites of the Mages. The Fireball is launched from the palms of the Mage and streaks like a comet blazing across the battlefield - slamming its fiery bulk into whatever stands in its path.[2]

Flame Shield
AoE damage around target unit (costs: 80 Mana, range: 6)

Serving as both a weapon and a barrier, the Flame Shield is a binding of the chaotic force of fire to the aura of the chosen target. A twisting helix of fire that whirls about, the Flame Shield accompanies the one so enchanted wherever he may roam. Flame Shield will deliver damage to any grounded barrier that it comes into contact with.[2]

Lowers target's movement speed and attack rate (costs: 50 Mana, range: 10)

The Mages of Lordaeron have been able to create a spell that hinders both movement and reflex. By warping the very patterns of time that surround his target, Slow enables the caster to bring an enemy's offensive to a crawl. Time cannot be held in check by even the mightiest of Mages, however, so the effects of this temporal shift cease as the power of the spell wanes.[2]

Makes target temporarily invisible until it either attacks or casts a spell (costs: 200 Mana, range: 6)

Gleaned from sacred tomes rescued from the debris of Northshire Abbey, this spell grants the ability to cloud the perceptions of others so that they cannot perceive the physical existence of the caster's target. The individual that is rendered Invisible may not perform any tasks such as attacking, harvesting or spellcasting. Should the individual interact with his environment in any fashion more aggressive than simple movement, the Invisibility will be dispelled and their personage shall be revealed.[2]

Permanently turns target into a defenseless critter (costs: 200 Mana, range: 10)

Perhaps the most fearsome of the Mage spells, Polymorph alters the physical form of its target. This metamorphosis changes man to beast, forever warping both mind and body. This sorcery wholly transforms the victim into a creature of the wilds, thus losing their reasoning - making commands for direction or battle impossible. Although there is no counter for this spell, possessing a greater stamina does decrease the possibility of this enchantment taking effect.[2]

Ranged AoE damage (costs: 25 Mana, range: 12)

Summoning torrential storms from the frozen Mountains of Northeron, this potent spell calls down a fierce tempest of ice to assault the enemies of the Mage with a flurry of cold blades. Blizzard can be cast over large portions of the battlefield, making it an extremely powerful spell when facing legions of Orcish troops.[2]


  • Khadgar is a hero with much higher stats than a normal Mage. His basic Lighting attack is also far more powerful and has a much longer range. He can cast the same spells as a normal Mage, but does not get any special bonus to this.
  • When placed on a custom map, Khadgar starts the game with a mana bar and knows only the spells Lightning and Fireball. Others must be researched at a Mage Tower before he can use them. In the campaign, he will start knowing the same spells as your other Mages.
  • Khadgar first appears under the player's control in the Beyond the Dark Portal Alliance campaign mission Deathwing, and is also available in the last three missions of the campaign. His survival is a victory condition in all the missions he appears in, which makes him the only hero who must survive the final mission of the Alliance campaign. Khadgar also appears as an enemy in the final mission of the Horde campaign.