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Gender Female
Race Zandalari troll
Affiliation(s) Zandalari Invaders
Status Deceased
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Khal'ak was a ruthless Zandalari troll serving under Vilnak'dor. She took part in the Zandalari invasion of Pandaria, and was a key figure in the revitalization of the Zandalari's mogu allies.

Shadows of the Horde

Upon landing on Pandaria, Khal'ak was dispatched by Vilnak'dor to raid the local Zouchin Village, a job she entrusted to Lieutenant Trag'kal. Her forces suffered heavy casualties thanks to a joint defense force led by Vol'jin and Tyrathan Khort, both seeking refuge at the nearby Shado-Pan Monastery. Khal'ak arrived to inspect the damage afterwards, and was surprised to learn a troll -- and not just any kind of troll -- had aided her enemies. Tracking his footprints, Khal'ak identified them as belonging to Vol'jin of the Darkspear tribe, and plotted a trap to lure him into her grasp in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. To better "motivate" her soldiers, she had the corpses of the fallen trolls flayed and displayed around the village.

After Vol'jin saved an Alliance scouting group from her Zandalari, Khal'ak subdued Tyrathan Khort and held him as a hostage. She promised his safety in return for Vol'jin's cooperation, which he gave. The two took raptors to a house hidden near Mogu'shan Palace, where Khal'ak had her companion groomed and bathed for the evening. She revealed her interest in (and attraction to) Vol'jin, stating that she had traveled far and wide to meet a troll of his caliber; any time she thought she had come close, she was let down. She further remarked that this was not their first encounter: Khal'ak had been present during King Rastakhan's approved gathering by Zul to establish a grand troll alliance, and did not fault Vol'jin for walking away from it in favor of the Horde. He had walked past her when he left, and she studied his footprint, wondering if Zul's dream would fade first. Indeed, under Vol'jin's leadership, the Darkspear tribe had thrived -- but this was no longer the case in the wake of Garrosh Hellscream's treachery.

Khal'ak offered him a chance for the Darkspear to join the Zandalari as the first tribe of the empire, a prestige higher than both the Amani and the Gurubashi. Vol'jin agreed to consider her offer, and even accompanied her to witness the rebirth of Warlord Kao. Khal'ak and Vol'jin traveled across the ocean to the Isle of Thunder, where she introduced her new ally to Vilnak'dor. Outside, she discussed with Vol'jin the potential need to kill her master to smooth the transition of the Darkspear.

In due time, however, this was revealed to be a facade: Vol'jin had come to reaffirm his opposition to the Zandalari empire, and escaped that night with Tyrathan and his Shado-Pan companions. Khal'ak apologized to her master for this betrayal, and was nearly killed for allowing it to happen, but Vilnak'dor instead ordered her to take 500 warriors and obliterate the Shado-Pan Monastery. She also took along two mogu serving under Warlord Kao with her.

Khal'ak surrounded the temple and saw through several of Vol'jin's ploys, though her army was battered by the traps set nonetheless. She took part in the battle after her mogu companions had fallen, engaging Vol'jin in single combat, but was unable to counter his monk training and was killed in short order.[1]


  • Khal'ak preferred Sandfury flesh over ice troll flesh.[2]