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Image of Khaliiq
Title <Vashj's Devoted>
Gender Female
Race Aranakk (Humanoid)
Level 52-54
Class Rogue
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Undying Army, House of Eyes
Location Renounced Bastille, Rotting Mound, and Seat of the Primus, Maldraxxus
Status Alive

Khaliiq is an aranakk of the House of Eyes who serves Baroness Vashj in Maldraxxus. During the Maldraxxus storyline, she is first encountered at the Renounced Bastille before following her baroness to the Rotting Mound and the Seat of the Primus. She plays a prominent role in the Necrolords Campaign.


Khaliiq accompanied Vashj in the marsh of Glutharn's Decay as the baroness pursued vengeance against Mor'Bitan, the lich responsible for destroying the House of Eyes. Khaliiq asked Maw Walkers to collect the ritual drafts held by three of Mor'Bitan's necromancer servants and bring them to her at the Rotting Mound,[1] where Vashj and the Maw Walkers subsequently lured Mor'Bitan into the open and killed him.[2] Khaliiq subsequently followed her mistress to the Seat of the Primus to join up with Baroness Draka's forces[3] and was among those who defended the Seat when it was attacked by the forces of Baron Vyraz.[4]

Vashj later devised a plan to permanently bolster the Seat's defenses by stealing a necropolis[5] and traveled to the remains of Nurakkir in the fallen House of Eyes to meet with Whisperer Vyn and assemble a crew. Since Nurakkir's own helmsman perished with the necropolis, Khaliiq was tasked with finding a new one. With the Maw Walkers' help, she used a method Vashj had taught her to summon Helmsman Caliroux, a lich of the House of Rituals, and force her to serve the Eyes.[6][7] When the full crew was assembled, Khaliiq and the other Eyes took control of Nurakkir by killing Gorgantus the Gutter.[8]

Khaliiq later briefly returned to the Seat to inform Draka and the Maw Walkers that the Eyes were ready to put Vashj's plan into motion[9] by stealing the House of Constructs' own necropolis, the Zerekriss. Khaliiq, Vyn, Navigator Xennir, Ansid the Mechanic, and the Maw Walkers infiltrated the Ossein Foundry, where the necropolis was moored.[10] The plan was for Khaliiq to regroup with Vyn once their tasks were complete, but when she met Xennir and the Maw Walkers at the rendezvous point, she revealed that Ansid had been captured by the foundry's guards. Khaliiq concluded that the Constructs had been prepared for the Eyes' arrival, and she lamented that Vashj would be disappointed in her lack of foresight. The Maw Walkers swiftly freed Ansid,[11] after which the group killed the foundry's overseer Enforcer Borgulla and captured a mooring platform[12] from which the Maw Walkers could travel to the necropolis' apex and use a keystone to take command of it.[13] The Eyes quickly steered the Zerekriss away from the House of Constructs to have it patrol around Maldraxxus.[14] Khaliiq subsequently returned to the Seat of the Primus to work on establishing a permanent portal connection between the Seat and the necropolis.[15][16]

Khaliiq partook in the joint kyrian and Necrolord assault on the House of Constructs, accompanying Xandria's forces at the Hall of Chains.[17]


  • Ability stealth.png  Stealth — Sneaking around. 


Maldraxxus storyline
The House of Eyes
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Grand Theft Necropolis
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  • I do as my baroness commands.
  • Secrets for the Eyes?
  • Speak in whispers.
  • What do you desire?
  • Keep to the shadows.
  • Observe everything.
  • Our house will persevere.
  • Silence is the surest armor.


Seat of the Primus after N [54] The Door to the Unknown
Change creeps through Maldraxxus. It leaves a void in its wake.
I hope my matron will lead us through this time of darkness. The House of Eyes will see glory again.


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