For the Warcraft III creep, see Centaur Khan. For the achievement, see  [Khan].

A khan is a leader of one of the tribes of centaur.

Legends claim that the centaur are descendents of a dark union between one of the demigod Cenarius's sons, Zaetar and a princess of the chaotic earth elementals, Theradras. When the first khans were born of their union, it is said that they murdered their father, for shame of their misshapen appearance. They were born filled with rage and savagery and have not calmed in the centuries that followed. The first of their kind, the first khans, gave rise to five tribes of centaur.[1][2][3]

The khans also founded and gave their names to their clans. These five centaur clans are the Kolkar, the Gelkis, the Magram, the Maraudine, and the Galak.

A sixth khan of the clan known as the Centaur Marauders, as seen in Warcraft III, was said to be Khan Bloodhoof.[4]

Several miscellaneous khans could also be encountered in Warcraft III, such as the khan of the Stonetalon centaurs who was known simply as the Centaur Khan.

Another Khan was the War Khan in Mulgore.

In Dustwallow Marsh in Warcraft III, there were numerous khans but only one named: Khan Gragtor.

When centaurs banded together, their leader was called high khan.[5]

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

A seventh Khan named Krenka, and the Krenka clan, are named in the Warcraft RPG.


Clan Founder Current Leaders
Kolkar Kolk Khan Dez'hepah
Gelkis Gelk Khan Shaka
Magram Magra Khan Jehn
Maraudine Maraudos Khan Hratha
Galak Veng ?
Krenka Krenka ?
Marauders ? Khan Bloodhoof


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