Khan Shaka (quest)

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NeutralKhan Shaka
Start Warug
End Warug
Level 37 (Requires 31)
Category Desolace
Experience 2850
Previous N [35] Gizmo for Warug
Next N [42] Khan Hratha


Maintain your reputation with the Magram, and bring the Head of Khan Shaka to Warug in the Magram Village in Desolace.


You help the Magram, and I like you. Now, kill the Khan of the Gelkis! He is Khan Shaka, and I want his head! I want to stare at his head and laugh at him!



Do tasks for the Magram, and I will help you.


Khan Shaka is dead! I will place his head on a pike, and keep it with me so Shaka can see the strength of the Magram!


  1. A [35] Brutal Politics / H [33] Magram Alliance
  2. N [32] Assault on the Kolkar
  3. N [33] Broken Tears
  4. N [35] Gizmo for Warug
  5. N [37] Khan Shaka
  6. N [42] Khan Hratha

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