NeutralKhu'nok Will Know
Start Arch Druid Lathorius
End Khu'nok the Behemoth
Level 72
Category Borean Tundra
Experience 15250
Reputation +150 Cenarion Expedition
Previous N [72] Help Those That Cannot Help Themselves
Next Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer


Take the Orphaned Mammoth Calf to Khu'nok the Behemoth in the Borean Tundra.


Although you have acted valiantly in freeing the trapped calves, many of them will still die. You see, without a caretaker, these calves must fend for themselves in the wild.

But there is a way! Hope yet remains!

North of here in the mammoth fields, bordering the Scalding Pools, you will find Khu'nok the Behemoth: a mammoth as wise as he is ancient. Take this mammoth orphan and present it to Khu'nok. He will know what to do.


<You hear a voice in your head. It is Khu'nok.>

Your name has been heard in the whistling of the winds, <name>. You have done a great thing for my kin. For the time we will consider you an ally. Alas, our torment cannot end without bloodshed and violence.

The price of peace for the mammoths will be the death of Kaw...



A mammoth talking to me telepathically?


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