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For the tailoring quest, see N Tailoring [120] Killing Time.

Killing Time is an exploration achievement earned for killing most of the non-rare mobs on Timeless Isle.


Mobs listed in the sortable table below as appearing in the Shrine of the Black Flame are also found at Ordon Sanctuary.

Mob Location
Ancient Spineclaw Timeless Shore
Ashleaf Sprite Blazing Way
Blazebound Chanter Shrine of the Black Flame
Brilliant Windfeather Celestial Court woods
Burning Berserker Blazing Way
Crag Stalker Red Stone Run
Crimsonscale Firestorm Blazing Way
Death Adder Celestial Court woods
Damp Shambler Cavern of Lost Spirits
Elder Great Turtle Timeless Shore
Eroded Cliffdweller Red Stone Run
Eternal Kilnmaster Shrine of the Black Flame
Foreboding Flame Cavern of Lost Spirits
Great Turtle Timeless Shore
Great Turtle Hatchling Timeless Shore
Gulp Frog Croaking Hollow
High Priest of Ordos Shrine of the Black Flame
Ironfur Grazer Celestial Court woods
Ironfur Great Bull Celestial Court woods
Ironfur Herdling Celestial Court woods
Jademist Dancer The Misty Strand
Molten Guardian Ordon Sanctuary
Ordon Candlekeeper Firewalker Ruins
Ordon Fire-Watcher Firewalker Ruins
Ordon Oathguard Firewalker Ruins
Primal Stalker Red Stone Run
Spectral Brewmaster Old Pi'jiu
Spectral Mistweaver Old Pi'jiu
Spectral Windwalker Old Pi'jiu
Spotted Swarmer Old Pi'jiu woods
Windfeather Chick Celestial Court woods
Windfeather Nestkeeper Celestial Court woods

Excluded mobs

These non-rare mobs are also found on the Timeless Isle but are not a requirement of the achievement:

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