King of the Gordok (Alliance)

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AllianceKing of the Gordok
Start Druid of the Talon
End Druid of the Talon
Level 15-30 (Requires 15)
Type Dungeon
Category Dire Maul
Experience 4,500
Rewards  [Pauldrons of Tribute] or  [Wristbands of Tribute] or  [Slippers of Tribute] or  [Tribute Gun]
2g 73s
Shareable Yes


Kill King Gordok.


In Gordok society, their king is simply their strongest warrior. If anyone, ogre or otherwise, kills the current king, they are automatically hailed as the new one.

The new king receives tribute from any living guards, Stomper Kreeg, and Captain Kromcrush. Find and kill King Gordok while killing as few of their other leaders as possible, and not only will your reward be great, you will be able to use your power as king to halt the Gordok invasion without conflict!


You will receive: 2g 73s

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv shoulder 145v2.png [Pauldrons of Tribute] Inv bracer 71v1.png [Wristbands of Tribute]
Inv boots robe common c 01.png [Slippers of Tribute] Inv weapon rifle 24.png [Tribute Gun]


Yes! I can see that you were indeed successful. You have received your tribute, the Gordok advance will exist no longer, and the Gordok are blissfully ignorant! This is a true winner's scenario, <name>.

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